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Small case dents - 223

  1. I have several hundred once-fired 223 casings that I'd like to reload. I may also sell some to a few friends.
    Almost all of them have little dents in them. Some appear in the same location on dozens of casings leading me to believe that the gun that fired them was doing it.
    Is there a standard (Maybe from SAAMI) that says what type of dent is acceptable and what tells you to scrap the casing?
    I guess pictures would help... I'll see what I can do.
  2. Here are some pictures:
  3. Resize them and see what the dent looks like. I would reload and shoot the cases shown. No big deal. Any dent left after resizing will be pushed back out when you shoot the next time.
  4. I would use those & not worry about it. I think it came from the gun they were fired in.
  5. Those don't look too bad. I agree with the other probably from the gun, and reloadable with out issue.
  6. I've loaded much worse looking cases than that. I bought some milsurp Hebrew brass that was pretty beat up. Those too dented to chamber had the bullets pulled and the cases resized and reloaded. Once fired they looked fine and were reloaded again. Good luck
  7. I got several thousand that are identical...... it the mark of a mini-14.

    be careful with that one the second from the right.... I have a feeling it's berdan primed.. just so you don't try to force it and mess up you die.
  8. Could also be from hitting the spent case deflector if they were fired in an AR-15 or M-16.

    As stated earleir, they will be fine for reloading.
  9. In addition - the letters on the brass (L C) would indicate military ammo loaded at the Lake City arsenal. The numbers indicate year of manufacture.
  10. Load. Shoot. Repeat.
  11. it's from the brass deflector on a AR. Fine for loading
  12. What makes you think it's Berdan? It's LC, right?
  13. The dent in the side is from a case deflector on an ar15 or m16 depending who fired them. I would load them without worry.
    That being said military brass has crimped primer pockets indicated by the ring of depressed brass around the primer.
    Make sure you are either trimming/swaging the primer pocket or using extreme caution when inserting the new primers.
    If someone has reloaded them once then no worry on the primers but if they are once fired then pay attention when repriming. Just a little more work in reloading but not a big deal that would scare me away from the brass.

    I've never seen lake city brass that was berdan primed.
  14. Loadem Up
    FWIW..Take a piece of the fuzzy side of velcro tape and tape it onto the case deflector. The cushion will reduce if not eliminate the problem. Also it will protect the finish on the deflector
  15. I misread the headstamp...
  16. I have a Valmet M-76(AK Style) .223 that puts a way bigger big dent in case, throws them a mile too, load them no problem. Some guns beat brass pretty good, and usually the necks split or loose primer primer pockets will spell the end for me. Also, I don't run warmish loads with well used or questionable brass.
  17. Let me know when you guys start shooting an m1a... we'll talk about beat up brass.