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Slow loading

  1. Anyone else have this problem? Pages on the forum load so slowly as to be almost useless. I don’t have this problem on any other forums, what’s going on?
  2. Take a look at your computer!
  3. I noticed it too. Maybe all that Indian Love Spell spam In here the last few weeks has put a spell on GT.
  4. Yea. Same here. I have gigabyte speed. Anywhere else on the Internet, I'm flyin'. GT right now takes me back to the dial-up years. It's not my/your computer.
  5. Yes.
  6. As stated, it doesn’t happen on any other forums. It’s not the computer.
  7. What kind of device and browser are you using?
  8. Ipad, Safari.
  9. Just re-entered the forum, and it seems to have sped up a little. Strange.
  10. Same here. I use a 2018 Mac mini along with a 2018 iPad Pro and it doesn't matter what browser I use either. And it is just this site.
  11. I've been getting a noticeable amount of 502 gateway errors of late as well.
  12. I delete cookies every time I close up -- old as I am, speed isn't a problem, but the cookie thing seems to help.
  13. Mine isn't that bad. It does take some time, but my phone is at nearly full storage capacity. I keep deleting things from it, but it takes about one day to fill back. GLOCK TALK still works pretty good.
  14. Seeing the same here, its slow, but if i quit the browser, come back in, all good after that.
    I do have my browser set to clear everything when i close it.
  15. Slow loading is what I did today while making 35 Remington ammo. Single stage loading is for the birds.
  16. Every thing loaded slow for me this morning, GT was not the only site that was slow. Lots better this evening.
  17. Well, I’ve cleared my cache, tried other browsers, and it’s still slow. Other sites don’t seem to have this problem, what's going on?
  18. Maybe Muh_DIk' sent you a virus that should be checked out...........
  19. Pitifully slow. Painful.

    Every other forum, browsing or shopping is lightning fast on my MSI laptop
  20. slow here too - which is fine if this site is hosted on a server in some guy's basement and not on Amazon cloud or Microshaft Azure
  21. Pretty annoying today. SLOW
  22. WTF???
  23. Running like absolute garbage on each browser and system I've tried the last two days.
  24. Pathetically slow.

    This site is BROKEN.
  25. Happens to me a few times a month on my Iphone. i leave and come back later - problem solved.
  26. Is there any reason every single ad has to be monstrous with scripts?
  27. It doesn't change the load speed. I'm using a blocker and it's still syrup slow on wifi.
  29. Ouch.
  30. It is not just slow loading - this site literally grabs hold of my browser (multiple devices running different browsers) and won't let them go. Takes 10-15 seconds to go to other sites from here.
  31. Glocktalk is by far the slowest website that I frequent. Annoying really, considering it's as active as it is.
    The Canadian owners are throttling back the spread of right wing information to affect the election! OMG!
  32. Still slow here. I have time to get a cup of coffee while pages load sometimes. That’s worse than dialup slow.
  33. It's not the internet, server or cookies that slow this site down. It's the mods being slow readers and checking every post to make sure everybody uses the proper names for political candidates and parties.
  34. Slow enough for me (two different computers and a tablet) that I've stopped visiting as often, and will likely visit less going forward. Too frustrating.

  35. I said before that I had time to get a cup of coffee while pages load, it’s gotten to the point where I can almost take a shower.