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Just got some work done on my G17 gen 4 slide by Trident Defense in East Dundee, IL. I wanted a RMR cut, but their "LEO" option caught my eye and decided to go with that instead. This package includes front serrations, RMR cut, aluminum cover plate, and Black Armor Cerakote. The serrations are fairly mild, maybe a little more aggressive to the touch than the factory rear serrations. It does wipe out the make/model/gen/country engravings on the front left, but does leave the serial number and caliber engravings intact.

The machining is perfect, as is the application and curing of the Cerakote, and I have zero concern about the firearm functioning as it should. I think the serrations look pretty good too. A little different than other basic front serration cuts, but nothing over the top.

They call it the "LEO" package because at this time about 25 police departments have approved this slide work for duty use (I think that's why they leave the SN and caliber engravings alone).
A few of the bigger departments that approved this slide cut:
Chicago PD - SWAT
Savannah, GA PD
Long Beach, CA PD

Pricing was very competitive with the big names out there, and the turnaround was extremely fast. They're a full service custom shop and do general gunsmithing, coatings and transfers too. I've been using them for FFL transfers for years.

Whenever my Ameriglo suppressor height sights show up I'll install those and my RMR. The RMR fits perfectly snug BTW.
Pics: (ignore *my* crappy stippling)
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