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Slide Lock Spring problem 29sf

  1. glock 29 gen 3 sf i should have continued 1st thread, i though i had it figured out, but no. installed new spring and it still does not have the tension to keep the slide block in up position.
    what i did, i know i messed up, i pushed the spring down from the back to take out the factory slide. when installing i know have this problem. so what i think is i might have damaged the frame. this thing is one week old. so is there a fix to this or need to go back to glock and pay them to fix my screw up. if i send it back will they fix this frame or send another one ? i can not see under magnification any indication of breakage of the polymer where the back of the spring sets. not saying its not there.just do not see indication of it. any help or suggestions besides watching what im doing a lot better next time.
  2. Pics ,your description is confusing are you talking about the slide lock or slide stop? Slide stop is what holds slide open on empty mag. Slide lock is what you use ( pull down )to remove slide. What spring did you replace?
  3. slide stop spring
  4. couple of pics
  5. If your slide won’t come off without pulling it down I’d say your aftermarket parts are just that. If your sure you installed it correctly. I can’t remember which way it goes but the slide stop is supposed to go only one way. I suggest a utube search
  6. the problem is the spring is not pushing it up to the top its leaving play, i tried it with the factory and its the same way.i can put a small pin behind the spring by the locking block and it holds the release up.its a new spring so it should not be stretched out of proportions. yes it goes one way, the side with slide on top goes to back.
  7. Ok. Hard to tell for sure by the picture but, the spring needs to be moved forward, ( match the colors). Get some light and look but the spring is one of these two options:
    1- In the wrong place and needs to go forward.
    2- Wrong spring for different gun.

    Also make sure the groove of the slide lock is facing rear.
  8. actually everyone is correct i was wrong. i reset the spring and installed the old slide, perfect fit. i examined the new slide it has a much bigger and deeper gap at the bottom, so the spring was doing what it was supposed to do but the slide is misaligned. i thank everyone for there help and input. again thank you.
  9. I didn't see anything confusing about his description other than he say's 'slide block' (red letter) where it should have been 'slide lock'. There's nothing indicative of him talking about the slide stop lever.

    For post 3, it is called the 'slide lock spring'.
  10. Glad you got it sorted out.
  11. He pushed the spring down from back to take out factory slide. That’s not confusing?
  12. double post
  13. I suppose that could, but the rest of his post nullifies it. I guess it could go 50/50.