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Slandered GLOCKs

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I was watching the news last night, and the reporter was talking about about a shooting that happened (daily occurrence). In the usual picture up/to the side of the reporter's head was a picture of a GLOCK. Not just an outline of its shape, but it looked as if someone just pasted a picture of one there with bold letters: SHOOTING. The only thing missing was the bottom of the grip and the tip of the barrel. I got to thinking(uh-oh)-why doesn't GLOCK take some legal action when it comes to their pistols being splashed on every news report that involves a shooting? I'm sure other news channels do this also. Does GLOCK like the publicity? Do they even care? It's bad enough every rapper has to rap about them-turning them into a household name. Now they are a category-a bad one. Oh well. Any thoughts?