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SKS questions

Discussion in 'SKS Carbiners' started by slims00ls1z28, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Jan 23, 2010
    Found a deal on a Norinco SKS and ammo. 200$ for 1K Wolf 154 gn sp ammo and a Norinco SKS (don't know year yet). My dad got it from an acquaintence who can no longer possess firearms (PTSD or something deemed mentally unfit). I haven't gone over it too fine but what I do know, it has a cheap 4x scope mounted on one of the setups that replaces the rear cover (it wiggles pretty good too). The original internal mag assembly was removed and he doesn't have it anymore. It comes with 2 metal duckbill mags, one's a 30 and the other I guess might be 25 it's only an inch shorter than the 30 but longer than any 20 I've seen. Both look like regular AK mags with the duckbill attached to it so I don't know who manufactured it but I'm assuming American made.

    Question that I think I know the answer too but not sure, in this condition is it out of 922 compliance if everything else is factory Norinco?

    Secondly it does not have the bayonet on it. I told my dad I'd like to get one and he said something about being illegal on Norincos. Never heard anything like that before so I was checking to make sure.

    Gotta pick it up from my dad as the guy had to get it out of his house by the 5th and I'll break it down further to inspect it. Still debating on which way to go restore to stock or get the SGW bullpup (the only one I've seen that looks good) since he doesn't have any of the parts removed from it. we'll see. First I gotta make sure it's compliant.
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