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Since you're online, you might as well (legally) earn a little extra money...

Discussion in 'Smart Shopper' started by gosnmic, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. gosnmic

    gosnmic Re:member

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    Aug 27, 2004
    I know there are potentially millions of the get-rich quick scams going on -- please note right off the bat that this is not one of those. This is the legal, slow process, that might earn you enough to go out for night or two each month (or probably in our case, buy a couple hundred extra rounds of ammo) :)

    This is one of those companies like AllAdvantage from many years ago. They pay you while you work or play on your computer (anything while you're online). All you need to do is keep their advertising software bar active and stay connected to the internet. (This company even pays you a little when your friends are using their computers through referral credits.)

    Unlike other companies, this one gives you control over how much money you earn. They have an individual payrate based on the number of Special Offers you sign up for. As some of these offers are free, you can increase your payrate up to 33 times without spending a penny.
    It's free and easy to join and your privacy is completely protected. Here is the link, enjoy and happy money making.

    PS: It doesn't cost you anything more than a couple minutes to look things over!