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Similar serial numbers

  1. Just noticed my G43 and G26 have the same numbers in the serial number. The letters are different but the last 3 digits are exactly the same. Weird. What's the chance of that? ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1445388597.220365.jpg
  2. Pretty cool coincidence. I've seen a couple on Gunbroker that were within 20 or 30 serial numbers from one of mine of the same model but never anything like yours. Keep them!
  3. I have a pair of G34's that came off the line in succession...every number and letter the same except the last number. It happened with a pair of Taurus ALR 1911's I owned, as well.
  4. I own 2 of the 3 GLOCK slimline models. G36 I bought NIB in 2000 has serial DYM1xxUS and the G43 I bought NIB this year has serial ZSU2xx. The xx on both are the same number and the 1 & 2 preceding the matching last 2 numbers shows their order of acquisition. Nice coincidence. :cowboy:
  5. Ya kinda don't want to break them up! Both bought in the past 6 months but not together and not same model.
  6. 2 out of 1001 ~= 0.2%
  7. Incredible coincidence. Thanks for sharing.

    Now if they were only 666!
  8. :)
  9. 1 in 1,000

    I'd love a pair like that.
  10. Keep them!!

  11. I just noticed that the slide of a Glock I bought 19 years ago has the same number of grip grooves as the Glock I bought in 2013. Just as amazing...they have the same number of grooves on **BOTH** sides! What's the chance of ALL that happening??? :)