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Silver Creek November ICORE and Side Match Details

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by Bushhog, Nov 10, 2009.

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    The match is set!!!
    Side Matches – Around 8:30, we’ll start the side matches. One will be a bowling pin match. Use your revolver and knock 5 pins completely off the table as fast as possible. The other will be a Ruger 10/22 suppressed barrel rifle (so we don’t wake the neighbors) mounted with an EoTech, taking down 5 plate rimfire rack. We’ll even supply the .22 ammo for the Ruger.
    Each run for the side matches will be $5. The fastest gets 50% of each pot, second 25% and the rest goes back to the club.
    ICORE Match – Unless weather gets nasty, we’ll run nine (9) stages with four (4) classifiers. Minimum round count 214. We will run all 3 divisions, Limited, Open and Retro (remember Retro is Limited with no more than 6-shots and speedloaders, no moonclips).
    Brief Stage details for planning Reloads
    1) All steel. Five strings with a minimum five shots per string.
    25 minimum, shots unlimited.
    2) Classifier - 21 minimum, shots unlimited
    3) All paper – 18 minimum, shots unlimited
    4) Classifier – 18 shots limited
    5) All steel, two stars, plate rack. Par Time.
    40 minimum, shots unlimited.
    Reloads may be placed down range.
    6) All paper – 35 shots unlimited.
    1 reload will be placed down range.
    7) Classifier – 18 shots limited.
    8) Paper and Steel – 21 minimum, shots unlimited.
    9) Classifier – 18 shots limited.
    If anyone plans to shoot classifiers for record with a revolver in a different division. Please email me (Ron) at so I can get an idea of numbers and plan accordingly.
    As always, I’ll be out there by 7:00 setting up. Side match at 8:30. Main match shooting begins at 10:30. Match fees - $13 for Silver Creek members, $18 for non-members and $2 per classifier (shot for record only).