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Silver Creek July ICORE Match and Side Gun Match

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by Bushhog, Jul 18, 2009.

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    Jul 19, 2008
    The following is the description for our July 26th ICORE match:

    Eight total stages with a minimum count of 217. There will be 3 classifiers, one of which will be a shots unlimited stage. We are also going to run another par time steel stage this month, but with a completely different look than last time. There will be only one multi-string stage.

    To fight the potential Ohio Valley heat and humidity, beyond 3 Texas stars, there will be nothing to reset. Mostly static steel and D-1s this time. We'll also run 2 stages in one bay, with 5 stages in 4 adjacent bays.

    To plan your reloads I'll give you a brief list of what you are looking at as far as round count per stage.
    Stage 1 - 36 rds unlimited, 18 paper
    Stage 2 - 17 rds, unlimited, 11 paper
    Stage 3 - 40 rds, unlimited all steel however Par time (reloads can be set downrange).
    Stage 4 - 18 rds, unlimited all steel
    Stage 5 - 16 rds, limited, 6 paper
    Stage 6 - 24 rds, limited, 5 paper
    Stage 7 - 41 rds, unlimited, 18 paper/5 steel (sorry, but reloads from belt only on this one)
    Stage 8 - 25 rds, unlimited, 5 steel, five strings.

    Multi-Gun Side Match
    Also, Mr. J is going to run one of his famous side matches. Shooter's would need both a shotgun with a trap style load and their match wheel gun with holster. This will be a combo style match, round count 5 trap and 4 pistol rounds. As always, $5 per run. First place wins 50%, second place 25% and the club receives 25%. The side match will begin at 8:45 and run up until our match begins at 10:30, or until everyone has run out of cash.

    General Match Info

    Beginning in May of 2008, Silver Creek Conservation Club hosts an ICORE Revolver Match on the fourth Sunday of every month.

    If you have questions about Silver Creek ICORE or upcoming ICORE matches at Silver Creek, please visit us at

    Registration starts at 9:30 am with shooting beginning at 10:30 am. Paper and steel setup for the ICORE monthly match is the day of the match at 8:00 am, help is always needed and greatly appreciated. Most matches have 6 - 8 stages requiring a minimum of 150 - 200 rounds of ammunition. However, for most of us unskilled guys, a 200 minimum usually means we have about 250 on hand. There is also the possibility, though rare, of a stage reshoot. There will also always be a minimum of 1 ICORE classifier per match.

    Match Fees are $13 for Silver Creek Members, $18 for non-members.