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    Jan 29, 2008
    My kitty, Shady Mae, recently passed away.:crying: She was a weird kitty. She was 12 years old, and had been my best friend since I moved out of moms at 18. Mrs. Zogan and I have been talking about some of the silly things she would do. I thought I would share some.

    Shady was tiny for a cat but was fearless. From the day she attempted to catch a squirrel:wow:, trapping him on the fence between houses. The squirrel paced back and forth as Shady waited at the gate patiently. The squirrel finally made his run for cover up a nearby tree. Shady gave chase about 15 feet up the tree when she realized she couldn't get down. She was not happy about the failure when I finally got her down.

    Shady somehow gave birth to a litter of 6 kittens at one point. Towards the end she could hardly walk. From the first minute she finished cleaning them up she was constantly dropping them in between Mrs. Zogan and I as we slept. We'd put the kittens back in the box and shed bring them right back. As she'd drop them the second time she would give a little reow, as if saying "no, they belong here"

    As most cats Shady hated water. She didn't get wet often but when she did it was the funniest sight ever. She really just looked like a rat since she was so tiny. The look on her face saying something to the effect of "I have scoured this earth looking for dry, all I found was more water" She'd give that "oh my god I'm gonna die" meow until you dried her off.

    When I first met Mrs. Zogan she was living with her sister. Eventually Shady and I moved in. Shady had never been around children before and Mrs. Zogan had several nieces she lived with. When I set Shady on the floor for the first time the kids were upstairs and started yelling and screaming like kids tend to do. Shady did not appreciate this one bit and immediately hissed:steamed: to inform me of this. She never scratched or nipped or even directly hissed at the kids though. She just looked at me like "seriously?" whenever the kids were near her.

    Mrs. Zogan and I eventually had a daughter of our own. Shady was the first one of 3 cats to come check her out when we came home from the hospital. From that day forth whenever our daughter cried Shady was the first to investigate. The first couple baths we gave our daughter were especially humourous. Shady walking around the sink contemplating going in to save the poor baby in the water. Looking at us and giving us a frantic MEOW! I imagine all that was going through her head was ":shocked:what are you two freakin stupid or what? you do know thats water in there right?"

    One time the power went out for an extended period and we had candles out, Shady just had to see what was inside those jars. She would not take No for an answer. She found out when she torched one side of her whiskers off. The look on her poor face. She looked so silly missing one side.

    She never got upset no matter what you'd do to her. Even if you'd mess with her she didn't care. If you grabbed her tail or leg and held on she'd just lay down. She had way more time than you did.

    My favorite though is when she was like a year old. She liked to hide in boxes. Her favorite box was the old 12pack of soda cases. The more square one, not the one they have now. She would hide in them and latch on to anything that passed by. She never really clawed you but she let you know you were easy prey. She did get my one roommate pretty good when he was wearing sandals one day. He never wore them after that as long as we lived with him.

    Anyone else have some silly stories?