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Sigma 357Sig -battle to stay out of the cellar - a range report (1)

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Listen, everyone has their favorite handgun! But if you make a list, sadly, one has to be at the bottom of that list. (although mine are all kind of "favorite")
Currently, the Sigma and G33 are at the tail end of my list of 357Sigs. The top of the list is dominated by DA/SA decock only pistols, which is my preference.
The main reason these two are at the bottom are reliability issues. I have had lots of fails to feed with the Sigma. I bought this S&W used and it came with two used .40 magazines. I always said I would get some new magazines, and I finally have accumulated three (also all marked .40) So with three new magazines and known good ammo, off to the range I went!
First load up was Federal American Eagle - 125g - FMJ and here six shots @ 14 yards:

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Recreation

The Sigma is very comfortable in hand, although a bit slick-ery, and the controls are all easy to reach! The trigger is stiff compared to most modern striker fired pistols. I had to put more finger on the trigger for leverage. If you have experience shooting DA revolver, and go at it with that mindset, the trigger is not bad at all though!

I went six-fer-six on 18 yard steel to my left:

Gun Shooting range Recreation Sport venue Shooting

Then the number of hits started stepping down:
5-6 on 18 yard steel to my right
4-6 on the 25 yard gong
3-6 on the popper @29 yards

The knockdowns were 35 yards away:

Blue Turquoise Soil Road surface Turquoise

From left to right:
Hit the small silhouette on the first shot
The 8" round steel took two shots to hit
The 8" square required three shots before I connected!

I ended up hitting this one twice outta three shots:

Gun Trigger Revolver Ammunition Gun accessory

The square knockdown I hit twice outta three shots as well, but the round one took five shots before I connected twice!

The far steel @50 yards?? 8/9!!

Gun accessory

One shot just clipped the very bottom left, which explains why I heard steel being hit AND saw dirt fly! Most importantly, every round fed fired and ejected perfectly!!

Next load up was Heritage Ammunition - 124g - FMJFP. This load ran great in my P229 and it also did well in the Sigma.
Here are six shots at 14 yards (all offhand, standing -as always):

Gun Firearm Trigger Starting pistol Gun accessory

I shoot three times at each steel(except for the knockdowns...three max, but fewer if I hit!!)
The first time around I had some misses, but the next time around the steels was almost a perfect run, with just one miss at the 50 yarder!

Here is 5/6 on the gong at 25 yards:

Tree Rock Metal

Here is another 5/6 on the popper @29 yards:

State park

Ended up with nine hits in eleven shots at the 50 yard steel:

Tree Shooting range

Perfect function as well with the Heritage ammo!! So that is a very good sign!
Of the last five boxes of ammo I have run thru the Sigma: Great Lakes Ammunition, C.O.P.,
Hunting Shack Munitons, Federal and Heritage - I have only had a failure to feed(3) with the HSM.

Totals for the gun:

725 rounds representing 13 different offerings

G33 report here:

Parting shot:

Artsy pic of two of the knockdown target @ 35 yards with Heritage Ammunition!

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