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Sight Upgrade on G38

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FIRST: I will be shooting my G38 in our monthly Defensive Pistol Match. I will also conceal carry it mostly in the Day Time. I also have a quick attach Weapon Mounted Light I can easily pocket carry and attach in about 5 seconds, and I also pocket carry a 500 Lumen Flash Light.

I have noticed that using the Weapon Mounted Light night sights are useless. All you see is a Black Front Sight against the illuminated target.

With that in mind I am seriously considering going with a Black Combat Rear Sight, and a Fiber Optic front sight. In my old age I see the Fiber Optic front sight much better than a normal Glock Factory Night Sight in daylight. Dots on the back sight are a distraction to me also.

I have a TFO Front and Black Combat Back sight combination on my G23. This combination works pretty well, but I believe it is discontinued.

Ideal would be the Truglo TFX Pro Front Sight with a Black Combat Back Sight. I have checked and Truglo will not just sell a TFX Pro Front Sight, or the Sight set with a Black Combat Back Sight. The sight would be overly expensive to order the TFX Sight Set and pitch the rear sight and replace it with a Black Combat Back Sight. That would get me where I want to be, only the cost would be around $200 doing that.

Any recommendations or preferences on a Fiber Optic front sight with Black Combat Rear sight set for Match use as well as concealed carry?

Bob R
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Well, I just installed the new Ameriglo FBI sites on my G38.
Along with the Inforce APLc light.

Used it for a night shooting class. The sights really popped for my eyes.
As for FO, my G22 has the Hiviz FO front.

It works, too. That's with the Glock adjustable rear.
Good luck in your quest.
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