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Sight Upgrade on G38

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FIRST: I will be shooting my G38 in our monthly Defensive Pistol Match. I will also conceal carry it mostly in the Day Time. I also have a quick attach Weapon Mounted Light I can easily pocket carry and attach in about 5 seconds, and I also pocket carry a 500 Lumen Flash Light.

I have noticed that using the Weapon Mounted Light night sights are useless. All you see is a Black Front Sight against the illuminated target.

With that in mind I am seriously considering going with a Black Combat Rear Sight, and a Fiber Optic front sight. In my old age I see the Fiber Optic front sight much better than a normal Glock Factory Night Sight in daylight. Dots on the back sight are a distraction to me also.

I have a TFO Front and Black Combat Back sight combination on my G23. This combination works pretty well, but I believe it is discontinued.

Ideal would be the Truglo TFX Pro Front Sight with a Black Combat Back Sight. I have checked and Truglo will not just sell a TFX Pro Front Sight, or the Sight set with a Black Combat Back Sight. The sight would be overly expensive to order the TFX Sight Set and pitch the rear sight and replace it with a Black Combat Back Sight. That would get me where I want to be, only the cost would be around $200 doing that.

Any recommendations or preferences on a Fiber Optic front sight with Black Combat Rear sight set for Match use as well as concealed carry?

Bob R
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Bob, I just installed an Inforce APLc on my G 38. I have a new G 38 I am still building with a Trijicon RMR adn a surefire XC-1, but its not ready for carry yet. Something to consider is when using your night sights and a light is to illuminate the target just long enough to identify it as a threat and the move back behind cover and use the night sights to fire at that location.
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