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Sight suggestions

  1. I just got a 10.5 pistol from psa in 300 blackout. It has mbus sights on it. I'd like some opinions on using a red dot vs a 1-4 or a 1-6 scope. This is my first ar pistol. Pretty excited to run a few rounds through it. For now the back up sights will suffice but I want an optic, just unsure on what will serve me best. This will be a bit of a do all for me.
  2. I prefer dots. Fast, light, at least as precise as irons. Not much I couldn't do to 200 yds with one, unless shooting red squirrels. If you have uncorrectable astigmatism a scope might be a better choice.
  3. What he said. It's a pistol, so red dot. Look at Sig Romeo 5.
  4. What mount do you use with the romeo 5? I have so much to learn. Also need a light for it.
  5. yeah, pistol, red dot. don't need magnification. the romeo 5 comes with a mount already.

    lights are a different thing entirely. do you want momentary? constant on? pressure switch? no pressure switch?

    my pistols are set up the same as my sbr except on pistols i have an angled foregrip and on my sbrs i use a vertical grip. lights are always constant on at 3 oclock position. i set it up this way because that's how my work rifle is set up so I try to keep everything similar.
  6. For a red dot, get one with an etched reticle. It will work when the battery fails.
  7. Does the romeo 5 co-witness with mbus sights? As far as lights. I think always on.
  8. A 300 BO out of a rifle is pretty anemic and starting to drop quickly by 200 yards.

    Out of a pistol, it’s essentially worthless past 100.

    Stick with a red dot.
  9. I got a holosun 510 for one of my ar pistol uppers. It’s a great optic with great features. I liked it better than an Eotech that I returned. On another ar pistol upper I have temporarily installed a Trijicon sro. It is surprisingly usable and handy. It might have earned a spot on that upper. That upper was waiting for an acog ta44 on back order.

    there are so many nice dot optics out there now. I wish I could try them all! Lol

    whatever you do don’t bog down that light pistol with a heavy and bulky optic.
  10. I ordered a romeo 5. It gets good reviews so I picked one up. I appreciate the responses. I feel like a red dot will be plenty for a 10.5 pistol. Want to get a hand stop, light, and a sling for it and I'll be done with it. Plan on keeping it simple and functional.