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Sight pusher; Adapter for large frame glocks

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I purchased the sight pusher tool from MGW I think, and it's for the small frame glocks. I have 5 of them, with all new sights on them, so it has paid for itself already!

I wonder if anyone knows where I can get the LARGE FRAME adapter insert? My tool comes apart, and you can change out the frame adapter, so I want to have one for the .45 G21 I am making my wife let me buy for my anniversary.

Any ideas where to get JUST the adapter?

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Originally posted by tall terry
have you tried it on the G20 frame? it's my understanding that the mgw works on all glocks.
The original MGW ST1 works on most Glocks, but is not tall enough to install, for instance, Heinies on a G21. The taller ST2 intended for Ghost Rings etc. will take of most other circumstances AND is tall enough for the large frames.

MGW is a CNC manufacturing outfit that makes a number of firearms-related items, so you could in theory talk to them directly about just a part, but they only sell thru distributors.

Lonewolf sells the ST2, as does CGR, to name just a couple.

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