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Sig Sauer P-210 Carry...

  1. Just announced at Shot Show this month. I don't get it, they take a historically significant pistol from the past, the original P-210 and turn it into an 8 round CCW. I'm sure it will sell to all the Sig Fanatics. I believe they have priced it at around $1,200 bucks.

    It's obvious the CEO of Sig Sauer came from Kimber. Kimber has like 10 separate size pistols, but each has at least ten variations. Also, expect a whole new series of P320's. sig-sauer-p210-carry.jpg
  2. I saw a video that said it has an aluminum frame which I guess is good for conceal carry, but I just don't think there is going to be that many who will carry this. I just see the 210 as a range/target pistol.
  3. Absolutely agree!
  4. Stupid idea.
  5. Well, here's the original Sig 210:


    ETA - that isn't the original but it kinda sorta looks like the original. Except for the mag release and the safety. And probably a dozen other things I'm missing. But the shape is the same for the most part.......

    I'm not seeing a lot of similarities between this and the one in the OP
  6. They discontinue the P225 so they can up sell that as a single stack carry gun [emoji849] because everyone needs a P210 trigger on a carry gun [emoji2373]
  7. I think they are very similar, in controls, trigger, grip shape and size, slide profile. Biggest different is the Carry is obviously shorter and has no beavertail.

    I just don't see the appeal for carry.
  8. Uglier than original hahaha
  9. The slide being back in the OP makes it look more different but you may be right.

    Probably a good gun but I'd have named it something else.
  10. Not the brightest idea out of SIG.

    I think the 210 "American" is OK for what it is. It's not a real P210. But that Standard seems to me would be a very nice range gun. Or house gun, if you like full size SA autos.

    But this version...just, no. If I want an 8 round 9mm single action metal carry gun, I've got a Star BM and a Zastava 88. If I want an 8 round DA metal gun, I've got a 3913.

    The they wanted to make this new "210" into a carry gun, they should have shortened the barrel, bobbed the grip to 6 or 7 round capacity, put on a nice set of sights, but kept the lines & decent wood grips of the first 2 iterations of the new "210". They seem to have lost the few things I like about the new "210" and buggered this version up thoroughly.
  11. I admit to being a 210 fan since the '80s. I've owned several, currently Swiss, German, and American models. I don't carry a 210, but if I wanted to, an alloy framed version would seem like a good option. Much as I like the 210s though, I'm not a likely buyer for the Carry model.

    That being said, in a world awash in inexpensive, plastic framed, high capacity, striker fired mini-pistols, I don't think the 210 Carry is going to be a big sales hit. But then I never thought Glock would amount to anything either;)
    210s (8).JPG
  12. I think the P210 Carry grips are horrible. Why are so thick at the top, particularly on the right side?
  13. It will sell just fine. There are plenty of fanboys to scoop up whatever limited production run they make.
    Some will even carry it just to be "that guy". Kind of like the HK P7. It's not really a good carry gun by any objective measure, but people still tote them.
  14. I like it. It's probably very accurate, has an excellent trigger, and can be carried cocked and locked.
  15. I look at the stuff Sig USA makes and just have to laugh.

    This P210 Carry abomination is no different.
  16. :goodpost:
  17. Not everything is for everyone Mr. Slugo.

    For once, instead of all the posturing by the know-it-all big shots and those who always just have to let everybody know the fault they find in everything that doesn't appeal to them, I'd like to see everyone instead be greatful for the great many firearm choices that we have.

    But I think I have a better chance of seeing Hillary sitting on a boulder wearing a blaze orange jumpsuit with her hubby Slick Willie breaking rocks with a sledgehammer beside her, LOL.
  18. For once Drew, you’re damn right...

  19. Honestly when the Sig P210 "American" was announced who didn't see something like this happening?
  20. The original P210 is a real Classic. I would love to have that one!
  21. This has nothing to do with the Sig P210 Carry. WTF are you talking about?
  22. That’s just Drew’s passive-aggressive behavior. ;)
  23. Got it! :)
  24. It’s a nice looking gun, but not for me.
  25. If it shoots well, is accurate and reliable, I can see it as an alternative to a 9mm 1911. Even though I do like my current Sigs I realize some may be more invested in the classic German models but I just like well made pistols. There are things I actually prefer in my American Sigs over the German models, like grip size choice. I prefer the E2 grips on my double stack models. And if it's around the same price range as a Kimber or Colt 9mm I might just be interested in this. I can't really be offended at this offering because I have nothing to compare it with, never having handled a original P210.
  26. That is not the original SIG P210, that is a SIG Sauer P210.
  27. Guess I'll stay with a commander for my single stack . I can't see this new p210 offering anything special or a better choice as a carry pistol .
  28. It’s not even the original Sig Sauer P210, Andy. At least the German Mastershop version used the same design.

    The American version is pretty cheap feeling and uses a locking block to further cut costs.
  29. A very stylish carry gun - maybe if you have had your tuxedo tailored to fit a gun that size - otherwise it has no advantages at all. If you are worried about your carry gun being stylish, just carry a PPK.
  30. Hard pass.
  31. I have been reading up on the STI Staccato C as a possible SA 9mm for the range. If this proves to be reliable I could see this as another option to consider(for myself). If it is accurate and reliable I really don't care what they call it, I do like the looks better than what they are selling as the P210 now. I prefer my G26 for carry but nothing wrong with having a pistol that is fun to shoot at the range.
  32. You and me both!
  33. I didn't use code; here's your answer directly from the source...whether it's a SIG P365, P320, or any other P series SIG that wasn't made in Germany, it wouldn't matter if it was made of solid 24k gold and shot FL grade diamonds, they're all garbage to some people, who never fail to let everyone know it.
  34. I shot one last Monday at sig range day. Great gun but I don't really get how it would be the best option for size, weight, capacity in the carry market.
  35. Here's the funny thing.... nobody loses their minds when someone posts 9mm 1911s. Pretty much the same concept. The whole "AmErICan sIgs aRe GaRBaGe" rhetoric is tired, and idiotic.
  36. Well, I'd take the p210 target in a heartbeat if the price wasn't so damn high. American or German.
  37. bac, Which part is considered the locking block in the American 210A?
  38. They aren't garbage, but the P210A is MUCH different from a quality and design standpoint than the Mastershop version, much less a Swiss model.

    That said, I've shot two of them now and they are accurate guns. If someone wants an accurate pistol for under $1500, the P210A Target is a good option. They just feel different than the others. I was fairly underwhelmed mainly due to comparing it to Swiss and German models.

    Its for the person on a budget who always wanted a P210, but couldn't afford one. For $1100-$1400 (depending on the variant), you get a gun that looks like a P210, but uses a cheaper design, cheaper parts, and different tolerances to keep costs down.

    If Sig starts offering the Mastershop models in this country again, there will be a huge price disparity, but the German models are well worth it.
  39. They use the the barrel locking block first introduced in the 1970's on the Sig Sauer P220. It simplifies the design and reduces manufacturing costs, which was one reason Sig Sauer introduced it 45 years ago.

    The Swiss and German P210's are different.
  40. Yeah, here's an original, unlike the one Tiger posted.

    I have a few. This is one of my best. From 1967...



  41. OMG, absolutely beautiful! :)
  42. Thanks Slugo.

    Yeah the Swiss P210’s from the 60’s and 70’s were a work of art.
  43. I kind of like it, and want to check one out when they make an appearance locally.

    I don't have an original variation of the 210, never even seen one in the wild locally, so I have no point of reference for comparison.

    I'm not going to ever own one of the "real" 210s, so I'll judge this one on its own merits.
  44. I understand some marketing guys are trying to come up with ideas to keep up with Jones or keep their jobs but gezz, ya gotta ask yourself
  45. You said "abomination".... what makes it so? In terms of quality will you speak specifically here? Can we be specific with reference to the parts? I'll give you that hand fitting has gone bye-bye, but that's not necessarily always a bad thing.

    Honestly, I've owned and still own 1911s that put any factory gun to shame, including the older Sig P210s. They're nice, but they're not custom, where tireless fitting and even fabrication come into play. I've owned, and still own guns, from Rogers, Christiansen, Yost etc and I didn't walk up on the new Sigs and scoff.

    If I wanted one of these, I'd buy a new one. I'd wager the performance would be nearly the same in 99% of shooters hands as a $4000 Wilson Single stack 1911 or even... one of the older P210s.
  46. It will be great for making those 200 yard head shots on the active shooter at the mall.

    I would buy one just to see @bac1023 roll his eyes back in his head. LOL

    Happyguy :)
  47. Webley & Scott’s “Pistol Self-Loading .455 Mk.I” used the squared barrel hood locking into a recess in the slide in 1912.
  48. There's a LOT of mystique about original P210's, but if they were sitting on shelves at $2000 I doubt many would sell. Right had controls, heel magazine release, sights that are useless in dim light, etc. I'm not knocking them, but they aren't competitive with modern handguns for self defense.
    The "new P210" is a different handgun, but it is accurate (possibly more than most originals), reliable, and has modern features.
    For collectors the antiques will always win. For users, the new one might be the better choice, even at the same price.
  49. “When it all comes down, the last man standing is going to be standing there in shorts and sneakers with a ’98 Mauser, and all the ninja-looking guys belly up at his feet — with all their cool gear.”
    Louis Awerbuck

  50. Wouldn't it have made more sense for SIG to have introduced an optics- ready variant of the P210 American? Sure, it would be ugly, but a red dot sight would enhance the P210's biggest strength, which is being an accurate, easy-to-shoot 9mm pistol.

    The guys at SIG should visit Camp Perry to see how actual target shooters set up their pistols.