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sig sauer bankrupt

  1. Fake news. The German end of the business is closing due to German regulation regarding international business. They are doing quite well in the US.
  2. Sig Germany is shuting down for various reasons.

    Don’t believe everything you hear.
  3. SiG makes an excellent pistol. The P-Series pistols are a thing of beauty. Problem is more shooters are going with polymer, lighter, less expensive. but there is always room for a SIG.
  4. Sig Germany closing down has nothing to do with the military contracts . That's Sig USA .
  5. Hmmm, wonder about the p320 alpha now. Assuming they will start producing them here if they continue the project.
  6. Might be good news for the value of German triple serial number Sig's
  7. Is one of the reasons foul language?:eyebrow:
  8. But The OP heard about it on the internet, so it has to be true.
  9. just uploaded some juicy info guys
  10. :animlol:


    I fixed it
  11. RIP Sig Germany, Exter is so meh...
  12. They’ll be the best made SIGs now.
  13. In addition to the US pistol programs for the military, they just started delivery the new machine guns.
  14. Is that why I can’t find a 12 round mag for the p365xl at any price? I find 12 with the funky grip extension for regular p365s.