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Sig P365.. Will Glock make anything similar soon??

  1. I own (and love) many Glocks, including the 43...Recently I bought my first Sig Sauer, a Sig P365...A great "little" gun with ab10+1 capacity... So now I'm wondering if Glock will come out with something to "match" or "beat" this Sig in terms of capacity, small size (it is smaller than a G43)?.. I mean I really like the Sig, but I'm just a "Glock Guy" and I am (almost) a thousand percent sure that the G43 will go "bang" if I need to pull the trigger.

    And while (so far) the P365 hasn't failed me once, even with "cheap" plinker rounds (which cost something like ten bucks per round these days, or so it seems LOL), still psychologically "worry" every now and then that the this nice, little, comfortable Sig isn't a Glock - and hence may "hiccup" if God forbid I had to save my or my family's life with it.

    Am I "worrying too much"? Is my dedication to Glocks causing me unnecessary nervousness? Or has anyone else here bought a Sig but carry a Glock cuz you "trust it more" etc etc? In a (my) perfect world, Glock would have already realized they are "behind the curve" and already announced upcoming "big news" about their upcoming "Breakthrough 12+1 mini-marvel that exceeds the competition and..." (blah etc blah).

  2. No, Glock isn't going to make anything to compete with the P365. And the notion that a Glock can't "hiccup" at a crucial moment is just absurd. Glocks can and do malfunction regardless of what Glock and the fanboys say.

    So, if you're waiting for a factory option from Glock that competes head to head with the P365, you've got a long wait. If you don't trust the P365, sell it, and get a G43. It may not be any more reliable, but maybe you'll sleep better.
  3. Thoughts? Buy a Hellcat.
  4. How about a Glock 43x with Shield Arms 15 round mags? That set-up kinda trumps the Sig 365 and the Springfield Hellcat in the way of capacity.
  5. Will Glock make anything similar soon??


    No, they won't.

    It's Glock.
  6. I have no idea if Glock will make something similar or not, and do not care.

    There are always people wanting Glock to do these things. Right now, its the 365. In the past it was a Glock 1911 that never happened.

    I bought my Glocks for what they are, not what others bring to market.
    If they do start producing something different, I wish them success, but I am happy with my ugly but functional Glocks. Plastic sights and all!
  7. I had a G43 and did not care for it and sold it to a real nice young Police Officer for his Off Duty carry. I have owned a G43, G26, G33, G19, and a G17. I kept the G17 & G19. I replaced the G43 with a Hellcat at 11+1 and a 13 round backup. It has been 100% reliable and there is a 20K round torture test to prove it. It was chosen by a National Police Organization for Off Duty Carry.

    That said, I recently picked up a new production 07/30/2020 P365. I have only put 73 mixed rounds of 115g ball, 124g and 147g hollow points through it without a hick-up. Many people report high round counts with new production without an issue. I like the looks of the G43X but being that big and only holding 10 rounds is an issue for me. The Shield mags offer more rounds at the expense of either changing out the mag release to metal, or have the mags eat your mag release. If you do change it, it will groove your factory Glock mags, so there is the trade off.

    Not every firearm fits everyone, so in this Great Country, we have many choices. Glock is selling so many pistols as it is, there is probably no reason for them to care what SiG or Springfield has done to revolutionize the industry. Glock fan boys will defend Glock to their dying breath, which is fine. When you like and trust "Your Brand" of firearms, it is easy to be passionate about them. My G19 and G17 will never leave my collection. The G19 has an RMR and the G17 is HD and night stand duty. And yes, I DO trust my life to my Glocks!

    The P365 is still being vetted, but it's bigger brother P320 XCompact has been great, fifteen round mags with 17 & 21 round mags offered for backup. I run two 21 round mags for backup.
  8. Without trying to burst your bubble too hard, Glocks have had a whole host of issues over the years. We've been discussing this very thing in another thread. In short, Glocks have had models where the slides fly off the frame during fire, ND's when double feeding i.e. the gun jams with a double feed and then fires, faulty magazines in several models, RSA issues, issues when mounted with a WML, cracking slides, cracking frames, rear sights off to one side from the factory and the infamous drunk monkey that formed all the cut-outs on the right side of the frame on early Gen 5's. They have had multiple law suits against them, quiet rolling changes to fix problems and of course the NYPD on-site armorers to fix all their problems. And that's just the issues that immediately come to mind.

    In short, the reputation of 'Glock Perfection' is creative marketing hype. It's mostly a solid pistol overall but it has had major and minor issues for decades. And off course there is a very real reason for the term 'Glock leg'.

    None of this is meant to dissuade you from enjoying your Glocks but to drop a little reality truth bomb for educational purposes.

    Now the P365 had it's share of issues early in it's production. That's been over for a couple of years or more and through their own quiet rolling changes the pistol has become as solid as any other plastic-fantastic on the market. It is no more or no less reliable than Glock. Additionally, it offers Xray night sights standard as opposed to plastic dove tail protectors (i.e. cheap Glock standard sights). It offers the choice of a manual safety, Glock makes that decision for you. As I mention below, the P365 offers 10, 12 and 15 round OEM mag options, Glock in the G43/43X does not.

    Also, no, Glock will never be able to make a Glock version of the P365 unless they redesign their magazines, which they won't be doing this century. So the 6-shot G43 is about as close as Glock is going to get.

    So enjoy your P365. If it helps, I've enjoyed, taught, carried (on and off duty) Glock for decades. I have carried the P365 now for the last couple of years give-or-take. I still have Glocks in the HD role but I no longer carry any of them as there are better choices available now.

    Actually, it really doesn't. The Sig P365 has OEM 10, 12 and 15 round mag options. The 43X with the Shield Arms 15 round mag requires another part to not damage the Glock i.e. metal mag release. This means you have to buy the non-OEM part and the non-OEM mag to achieve what the Sig has already had for quite some time.
  9. The only thing Similar to a P365 is a 43X with the S15 Mags...

    The only 2 guns I carry at the moment is the P365 with the 12 rounders or the 43X with the S15 mags... everything else has been relegated to range time and home defense..
  10. I would buy a Hellcat, if I wasn't in liberal cali
  11. I’m still waiting for the Glock Carbine. Should be any time now.
  12. The only issue with the P365 was early striker breakage on a limited number of pistols that was isolated to improper heat treating by the vendor. This has not been an issue for quite awhile now. If you still have some doubt, then buy a machined and hardened Lightning Strike striker and put it in your 365. This is what I did to mine. I carry it now without any concern.

    2 weeks ago I bought a P365XL along with two 15 round magazines... and it is still smaller then a G43X.
  13. I don’t think Glock can make a pistol that malfunctions....
  14. Hellcats feel so much better in the hand than a P365.

    43x feels fantastic in the hand and much better than the P365.

  15. OP - Glocks are not perfect or 100% reliable, just like every other modern pistol.

    The P365 is an excellent pistol. Don’t create a problem in your head that doesn’t exist. If the p365 fails you, then worry about it.
  16. My Hellcat definitely feels better in my hand than my P365. I like the P365 trigger better though. I wasn't a fan of the Hellcat sights until I replaced them with a set of Night Fisions. Now I like the Hellcat sights better. The Sig mags are pricey. Both guns have been extremely reliable and my P365 was a very early version.
  17. Really? I love the u notch, hi vis front on the Hellcat.

    Sadly haven't gotten to shoot either one yet.
  18. Was not a fan of the U notch. I think the Sig might have slightly less recoil. Might be the recoil springs.
  19. The Hellcat feels great in my hands, more grip to grab. But the XL module on my P365 fits my hand perfect. The Hellcat sights are my all time favorite, including Trijicon HD's. With the XL module I carry 12+1 and a 15 round "Factory" backup. I do not think you can go wrong with either pistol. The redesigned striker on the P365 adds more beef to the tip. With the Flat trigger upgrade I really like the P365, same as on my P320 XCompact.
  20. OP: 13 posts in seven+ years!? You must really be motivated by your 365 and I don't blame you; those guns have upset my apple cart as well.

    I've been buying, selling and shooting Glocks since late 2004. I would have to be considered a 'fan boy' and I've also delved into other brands as well, seeking the perfect CC weapon.

    I'd have to say, the P365 has also hit my sweet spot, in terms of size, capacity and shoot-ability. Now, I'm juggling my commitment to a P365 after 1,000+ rounds of reliable performance in IDPA, USPSA and BUG matches against a recent purchase: a Gen 4.23 that I've equipped with an Olight for home defense and winter carry.

    With today's prices and demand, I could probably peddle the G23 for a profit and locate another P365 (with a WML) and not have to juggle cartridges, mags, holsters, etc. Simply stick with 9mm for two 365s and some .380 for my LCPII (occasional pocket carry and ankle carry).

    You're on the right track, OP.
  21. I do not believe Glock is worried or will make changes. The company understands WE already own several Glocks and can chose between G26, G43, G43x, G42, G48, or G19 for carrying needs.
  22. My P365XL grip module uses a 15-round magazine or a flush fit 12 or 10-round magazine.

    The P365 grip module can also accommodate 10, 12 and 15-round magazines.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  23. What I'm liking best about the Sig ... it's seems to be as reliable as a Glock but that smooth trigger really helps the tactile experience of the Sig compared to all the Glocks I've owned.
  24. I went with the Hellcat when weighing the decision between that and the Sig 365. I probably would have been happy with either, but the Hellcat felt better and I like the sight more. We hoped for a Glock Carbine, a Glock 1911or something totally amazing from Glock. We got a 10 shot .22 ........
  25. I much prefer the G43 over the Sig 365. Far too much emphasis is being placed on capacity of a self defense handgun. Just how many rounds are you going to need in a self defense situation? And oh yeah, I do know how to change magazines,
  26. You don't need the extra rounds.....until you do.
  27. Not this crap again.
  28. lol. What’s it been like 15/20 years since that crap started? I actually believed it for the first couple of years.
  29. For visual comparison...
    - P320 with an XCompact grip module, compact Pro-cut slide assembly and flat trigger next to a 43X
    - Same from the back
    - P320 with 10 and 21-round magazines[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  30. I love the 43X, P365 and P320. I don't have one pair of shoes, so...

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  31. Agreed

    How many people here want to admit that their draw from concealment is 1.5 seconds or more? I promise you that if you are slower than that then you should focus on practice instead of a few more rounds in the gun. Gun handling skill may not help if you’re ever in a gunfight but those first 2 or 3 rounds need to be on time and on target if possible. The 4th round and up will almost certainly still be in the mag after it’s all over.

    To the OP, I’m confident that I can perform with my G43. I would recommend you use whatever pistol you are confident with and don’t worry about having the latest and greatest designs.
  32. I practice and carry 12 to 21-round backup mags, because you never know.

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  33. My man you are hysterical. Imagine that! Spending a few dollars on a gun to buy aftermarket parts. Incredible! Never heard of! Preposterous! Let’s ditch the option just for that, shan’t we?

    But not only your arguments are useless, your math can use some help to:

    One mag for the Sig 365 is $60 from the Sig website
    One mag plus the connector will run you a whopping $67 for the first mag only obviously, the following mags will be actually cheaper. Each subsequent Shield Arms mag will cost $40, making up completely for the initial cost of the mag release.



    Try to find some other argument to discredit the G43x, because yours work only for those who don’t pay attention.
  34. Everything I stated is factual. I find it extremely odd that you would get so triggered. Sorry it upset you so badly.

    Let me help you with your math a bit. I paid $32 for 15 round OEM mags. And I didn't need any additional parts. Although the prices are inflated right now, it won't stay that way. And again, I don't need to install a part to make the mag function properly. I simply bought the mag and it was good to go as is. However, if you don't mind buying the aftermarket part to go with your aftermarket mags then by all means buy them and enjoy. I simply prefer to keep things OEM such as mags and such.

    I didn't try to discredit the 43X, I simply stated a fact. That's called critical thinking. And again, I find it extremely odd that it would trigger you so badly. I wasn't even talking to you in the post you quoted. Try to calm down.
  35. Hi. Saw your post and thought you'd be interested in something I noticed recently. I tried out a Tactical Development base pad on an XL grip module 15-round mag. It was $14.50. A fully loaded magazine seems to seat just a bit easier. I'm thinking it's because the leading edge at the top of the TD base pad is a bit thinner. Anyhoo, I like it. Final mod will be a flat trigger. Original trigger is fine, but I love the flat trigger on my P320. The trigger is the only thing I'm not keen about on my 43X. Otherwise, I like it fine. I plan to keep both.
  36. I carry a P365 most often.

    I like the G43 more.

    In my mind, capacity matters.

    With the P365 I’m carrying 10+1 on board and a 15 round backup mag — 26 rounds. Will I need them? I don’t know. As someone else said on another forum I visit: the only time you can have too much ammo is if you’re on fire or under water.
  37. I have never thought of myself as a fan boi for any pistol but after giving it some thought and being honest with myself I have to admit it. FOR ME the P365 is the perfect CCW.
    I really dig the P365 with 12 round mag. It just fits my medium size hand so well and while some will poo poo pocket carry it works like a charm for me. I shoot it well and accurately enough.
    I have other CCW guns and appreciate each for what it is. The P365 is the only gun I have ever liked enough to want a second one and I will buy another.
    As always
  38. Buy a XL module, it really makes the pistol fit your hand with less chance of riding the Slide Stop. Changing the floor plate so the mag rides flush is also a nice touch. Being able to change grip modules is a game changer,, don't get me wrong, I do like Glocks. And if I hadn't just spent so much on pistols, RMR, slide milling, and other accessories, I would try out a G43X. But with my P365 and Hellcat, I just can't justify the purchase right now. When things calm down and prices get off the ceiling, hell, a G43X might be my next "Want".

    And I do not understand why some people get so heated about their personal choice? Having "Choices" is good, and does not deserve attacks. just sayin...
  39. What you paid won’t help neither OP nor anybody else. The price from Sig is now $60, and that is the only fact everybody can verify.

    So assuming the regular 3 mags people tend to buy:

    1) Sig $180 which is double what you say you paid, but it is what everybody else would have to pay now.

    2) Glock 43x with 3 Shield mags $147 including the mag catch.

    Your point is unhelpful and as usual void.

    As for telling me to calm down no worries I find your stuff entertaining but also very misleading since you always have to drive your agenda. Try to post something honest for a change.
  40. I hope Glock does not make another 9mm for a while. I'm way ready for same new big bores.
  41. Nobody pays $60 for a P365 magazine. All mine have been less than $40.
  42. So the 12 rounds is more expensive than the 15 rounds? Odd, but you are correct. I googled “sig 365 mag”, opened the 12 rounds mag page and verified the price. Did not think that a mag with more capacity would be cheaper, usually is the opposite. Thanks for the correction

    Back to my rebuttal: in that case one would spend exactly the same to buy 3 15 rounds mags, which still makes the argument moot and useless.
  43. Apparently you didn't even read the OP and decided to jump right in with nasty remarks because something triggered your emotions. The OP didn't even ask about the cost of 15-round mags though you seem to be oddly concerned about it. And again, in my post that you quoted, everything I said was 100% factual and wasn't even directed at you. I was talking with someone else.

    Again, you're simple triggered and lashing out. My comments, which you quoted were 100% factual and cannot be rebutted. No one was even discussing numbers of magazines or past or current pricing except for your rant.

    You being triggered and emotional and not liking a post does not make it dishonest. That you think it does speaks volumes about you. Perhaps you should take a breath, drink a nice hot cup of tea and reread the post you quoted and be honest with yourself because what I posted was factual. You're approval wasn't sought or needed.
  44. The Hellcat trigger is to heavy IMO and the rear U notch is not wide enough.

    Best thing to do if you have a Hellcat is change the rear sight to the all black serrated sight that came on the XDS and leave the front sight alone, those guns sights are interchangeable as far as I can tell so it should be easy enough to find that all black serrated rear.

    I would lighten up that Hellcat trigger as well, last time I looked their was one or two options but I don't remember exactly what it was.

    I kept a Hellcat for a few months but never warmed up to it and traded it, I believe the 43X and 365 which I also had and still do are easier to shoot accurately and have better sights. Hellcat not bad just need to improve trigger and rear sight.
  45. Exactly. I believe I purchased all of my 15-rounders from Osage and they were on sale for right around $32 give or take a few pennies. Of course prices are up across the board but I really feel he was being intellectually dishonest by looking for the highest price to make a point that nobody was even discussing.
  46. I realize this is very emotional for you, but can you point out on the doll where the bad p365 magazine touched you. It’s going to be ok, we will help you through this.
  47. Well, lets take a close look at what triggered you so badly and you think was dishonest...

    The other member posted this comment:

    How about a Glock 43x with Shield Arms 15 round mags? That set-up kinda trumps the Sig 365 and the Springfield Hellcat in the way of capacity.

    Here was my reply that triggered you so badly and you called dishonest:

    Actually, it really doesn't. The Sig P365 has OEM 10, 12 and 15 round mag options. The 43X with the Shield Arms 15 round mag requires another part to not damage the Glock i.e. metal mag release. This means you have to buy the non-OEM part and the non-OEM mag to achieve what the Sig has already had for quite some time.

    So the other member perhaps wasn't aware the the P365 has other capacity options. So I pointed out that the Shield Arms 15 round mag requires a separate part in addition to the magazine to operate correctly. That's a fact. Otherwise, according to Shield Arms themselves it may not operate correctly and the SA mag can cause damage to the Glock it's used in. That was on their website the last time I viewed it. Additionally, members here have reported damage after not using that additional part and have also reported malfunctions. That is also a fact unless you're going to call SA and other members range reports a lie?

    I also pointed out the capacity options that already exist with the P365 and that no additional part is necessary. That is also a fact.

    You were the one that went off on some tangent rant about mag cost and have been educated that your pricing is not the only or the best pricing. And it wasn't even a part of the conversation YOU quoted and got so upset about.

    So please, knock off your crap. If you can't post truthfully or in a friendly fashion go somewhere else.