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Sig P365 SAS

  1. E724B0E8-9C33-4397-A875-AB147D278951.jpeg BD44DEF0-46B2-4512-922F-98DACDA3BA40.jpeg
    I just picked up a new SAS today. I really like the idea of it, but I had a few issues at the range. Before shooting it, I cleaned it and oiled it. The first 50 rounds were Remington UMC. I had 8 failures to return to battery. Probably the ammo combined with a new ported gun. Then I ran 50 rounds of Browning 147gr. No issues. While I was cleaning it, I noticed that the barrel has a strange ring inside of it. Is this normal on these?

    Accuracy.... Meh. I hope I can get used to it.
  2. I had the same RTB issue the first 150 rounds or so. I had noticed that with the mag fully loaded or even with one round less than full, the slide was very difficult to rack on the first round. I left the mags fully loaded for about a week, and the problem did not recur. Or maybe it was a combination of that and general break in.

    My 365 is at least as accurate as my similar weapons.

    Hope you like it.
  3. I find mine to be quite accurate. Less than 3” at 15 yards. I was hitting steel out to 25 yards.

    It’s not the easiest pistol due to the small size. It is more intended for one handed shooting at much closer distances.

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  4. I hope the issues resolve themselves and it grows on you OP. I know lots of folks like them, but they’ve had too many issues, or “break in procedures” for my taste.
  5. I shoot the regular P365 as good as anything else. They are very accurate little guns. This new sight system is very different.
    I’m kinda concerned about the big line in the rifling. Can any SAS owners check their barrel and see if theirs has it also? Thanks.
  6. Are you referring to the SAS specifically or the 365 in general? Either way is understandable. I held off on the 365 for more than a year and was critical of specifics during that year. However, at least for the 365 it seems, the issues have been resolved. Enough that I was comfortable enough to purchase them.

    While general long term durability is still a question (because they are still less than two years old), we are starting to see respectable round counts on them. While not the on,y factor, it is one factor.

    Would the 365 be as durable in the long run as say the G26? I would think not. However, to be fair, we don’t know that because the 365 hasn’t been around long enough for a fair comparison. We know that many have reported several thousands of rounds fired trouble free which is more than most will put on a specific pistol anyway.

    I am curious though, enough so that my plan is to run my off-duty 365 in an upcoming match. In the match folks will be using their full size pistols so my goal isn’t to out shoot everyone but rather use the match as a testing platform for my 365. Usually my agency has combat courses for off-duty weapons but the training section hasn’t been able to offer it lately due to the Guardian program and various academies. So until they do, a match such as the upcoming one will provide some feed back on what the 365 can do and on what I can do with it.
  7. Sorry. I started to respond to that in my original post, but I wasn't sure if you were kidding. The only circle I see is what I think is the edge of the chamber. I pulled my barrel, and it looks the same, if we're seeing the same circle. Or is it something else?
  8. There is a cut in the rifling right by the ports. I guess it’s on all of these SAS Models. Not sure why.
  9. I picked up the 365XL. I also got a 15 round mag. You need to change the base plate for it to be used with the XL. I had a very funny issue at the range. I could have sworn I installed the base plate correctly. It clicked in and the nub was visible through the hole. The mag is very difficult to fully load. Anyway, my first time using it, after my first shot the base plate flew off and all the rounds, spring and follower fell out of the mag and flew all over the place. It was kind of comical.

    Luckily I found all the pieces and reinstalled everything. I will monitor this to see if it was me or the mag.

    The 12 round mags worked flawlessly. 150 rounds Fiocchi 115gr FMJ, no problems at all. I also fed a handful of 124gr Speer Gold Dot +P with no problems. The +P does kick a bit but overall very manageable.
  10. Here’s another picture of what I’m talking about. DAFAD670-BE2C-4A4B-A57B-C9B7C5AF8EBF.jpeg B3DED843-BDF0-4CD7-A090-92E67FF61DEC.jpeg
  11. Oh, I see it now. I don't have any ported barrels to compare to. Surely someone else will.
  12. I took a look at my SAS barrel and mine is cut just like yours. Perhaps it has something to do with channeling the gas towards the ports?
  13. Yes. Sig said that it’s completely normal and helps the ports.
  14. I was referring to the P365 in general. SIG makes a solid pistol, but some of the 365s teething issues turned me off.
  15. Yeah me too, but then I bought one anyway.
  16. And eventually, I may do just the same.
  17. I think the echo chamber known as the internet posted more problems than there were guns when the gun was first released. The gun has been solid for over a year now. I've been running one without any issues since April of 2018.
  18. I don't know much about ported barrels, but do find the photo interesting. I will leave it to smart folks to define "normal" or "abnormal", but seeing a break in the rifling does cause my brain to wonder about how that impacts a bullet moving across that transition. Do you see more shaving and fouling of the barrel? Chunks? Changes in bullet stability?

    I will keep reading to see what people weigh in with. I can see how it would aid in the uniform escape of gasses as the bullet passes (please move smoothly to the exits...), and may be better than the gasses porting just in the areas near the ports, but I don't now if it helps or how much.

    Thanks for sharing. I obviously am no help to you, but hopefully can learn with you as others weigh in! Good luck!
  19. I spoke with Sig today and they were very helpful explaining why it’s there. Completely normal. All the SAS models are like this to help with the porting. I wonder if this hurts the accuracy at all. I REALLY plan to run this gun a lot more this weekend. Yesterday’s range trip was pretty disappointing. I know others have complained about the accuracy of the SAS, but that’s probably due to the different sight system.
  20. Thanks. Let us know how things go for you! I will be interested to learn about your impressions.

    It is too bad it has the different sights AND the strange barrel. One cannot eliminate one variable to know what is really THE contributing factor if accuracy issues remain... keep us posted!
  21. Remington UMC is notoriously under powered crap. Run some good stuff through it, NATO 124+P, HSTs, Gold Dots, etc.
  22. I already have my mags loaded with 9mm nato and have HST packed in my range bag.
  23. Good call. I had a CZ P-07 that needed some 124 NATO through it before it would feed El cheapo 115 grain reliably
  24. If someone has the SAS and a regular 365 they can swap barrels and see if the accuracy changes.
  25. I will give it a try this weekend.
  26. Accuracy issues will have far more to do with that sight sig used on the sas than the porting . But then if your really concerned you all ready have one p365 you trust .
  27. 4E50FCFE-FED8-4547-8318-AAABAF23211B.jpeg 50E204B1-233D-49FC-9D0C-EE266CEA06C0.jpeg 200 more rounds today. No more frtb. Finally getting the hang on the sight.
    I did have it lock open once in the second to last round.
  28. 150 more today. No malfunctions. Still learning the sight, but doing much better. I focused on fast shooting today. It does very well with that. I also bought a 15rd mag, just because. I’ll probably run another 100 tomorrow and call it safe to carry.
    It is a fun little gun to shoot. I like challenges I guess.
    For some reason, it is real easy to pull shots right.
  29. I believe that this break in rifling has no more abnormal or undesirable effect on accuracy than the forcing cone does on a revolver barrel.
  30. I still don't get why Sig ported this barrel.
  31. Holy Sig smile Batman! My 226 barrel doesn't look like that yet and I've got over 2K in it (yeah, it's still newish)
  32. The barrel is just dirty. It wipes off. Ported guns get pretty dirty. Especially small ones.
  33. Ok, trick of the light plus dirt then. Good.
  34. Sig doesn't know either. Kidding aside, I think they wanted to add enough unique features to the SAS to clearly distinguish it from the standard P365. I own two standard P365s and one P365 SAS. I got the SAS model because I did want to be able to pocket carry it and appreciated the removal of the sights strictly for that purpose. I bought it for that feature alone. I really like the Meprolight sights on it, and it's very easy to sight down the top of the slide to get quick sight acquisition. However, the ported barrel I can live without. Will probably just replace with a standard barrel.
  35. If SIG is smart, the porting will disappear on the upcoming production runs. It was a bad idea.

    I still want one.
  36. I shoot my standard P365 quite well. It (mfg. June 2019) has been flawless so far, albeit with only about 500 rounds or so in the three weeks I've had it. Haven't cleaned it yet. I intend to after one more range trip this weekend. I've fired mostly fmj, but approximately 100 +p Gold Dots and at least as many 124 grain HST (half standard pressure/half +p). I'm happy with it, but I AM getting striker drag. Not getting to the case, but close to edges of primers.
    Time will tell.

    I have handled the SAS model. It's a cool looking pistol. Sights did seem like they'd take quite a bit of shooting to acclimate to for any kind of real accuracy. I'm a little confused as to why Sig would offer ports on a strictly self defense hideout piece?? I also didn't care for not having a means to rack slide one handed. Again, a really cool little pistol. Let us know how the sight works out for you after more shooting.

    Good luck!
  37. I shot another 100rds today. It just runs fine now. Not sure how often I’ll carry it, But for when I need to carry an extra small gun, this one will be it.
    Unfortunately today I made the mistake of shooting the P365XL. Now I have to have one. Very accurate gun.
  38. The P365 that I just got also was made in June, 2019. I have high hopes that it will be a reliable shooter. Mine is the two tone version with the stainless slide over the black frame.

    I haven't had a chance to handle the SAS version, but I did own a ported 1911 at one point, and don't care for ported pistols. I do think the sights on those guns are interesting though. I would be interested the know how people like them after the new wears off.

    So far, I am optimistic about my P365. It certainly is a very nice package for a small carry gun.
  39. The current SAS has big flaws IMO. Ported barrel and practically unusable slide lock are the biggest problems. And I have yet to see any reviewer not have major accuracy issues with the sights. At close in distances sights are irrelevant anyway so.... ?????

    Who snags their pistol draw on the freaking slide lock lever?
  40. I think of the SAS kinda like a Ruger LCP or jframe that holds a lot more rounds. It is a gun you can easily shoot all day though.
  41. This was my very first thought when I handled this gun. It was almost impossible to release the slide with the slide lock. No need what so ever to have it recessed that deep. I did like the sights and didn't realize the ports were cut all the way around (internally) at that time. I am anxious to here more follow up on this. I carry a ported 9MM Shield and have never had an issue with flash or gasses.I believe in an actual self defense situation, you would not notice recoil,noise or muzzle flash and POSSIBLY the number of rounds you had fired.
  42. Your first post revealed the problem. That crappy, underloaded, cheap Remington UMC.
    Shoot good ammo.
  43. Your first post revealed the problem. That crappy, underloaded, cheap Remington UMC.
    Shoot good ammo.
  44. The ammo was definitely the problem. It has fed everything else I’ve put through it since.
  45. I enjoy having the slide stop/release super low profile. I've been through so many hours of training I don't even think about using it anymore. I don't shoot competition so its sling shot all the way.
  46. Same. I never release the slide using the slide stop lever. I enjoy having a low profile one. I’m much faster sling shotting it.
  47. You can NOT slingshot it when it is empty. At the end of a range session or just examining the gun.
  48. Sure you can. I just push down on the lever with my thumbnail. Pretty easy. Or you could drop the mag. The slide stop is still there, just low profile.
  49. I wonder what happens if the empty magazine is removed............
  50. The slide will already be locked back if you remove it, the slide stays back.