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While my P229 is vacationing in NH, I decided to take another favorite Sig (Well...they are all favorite) out for some range time. I love my P320. It ran great before the recall and has run great since the recall (done last November)
First shots of the range day with LAX Ammunition - 125g - RNFP. It has a tendency to shoot high so I guesstimated some "Kentucky elevation"and got this 3 shot group at 14 yards:

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Revolver

Full of confidence now, I went around the steels! Ahhh! I did OK - 3 fer 4 on each steel at 18 yards and 5-6 on the gong at 25 yards - but the popper at 31 yards is always my downfall (and why is that?) I took ten shots at it... wasting seven of them!
I was 2-4 on the knockdown target at 33 yards!

Gun Shooting range Recreation Shooting Shooting sport

Something fulfilling about whacking that one! You see the large silhouette back there at 53 yards... I was 8/13 on that one:


Back to the paper now and I compensated too much (or did a couple of rounds actually go to point of aim?) Anyway I worked my way back up and put one on the bulleye for a nice little cloverleaf. Here are all seven shots on paper at 14 yards:

Gun Illustration Recreation Airsoft gun

The LAX ammo ran 100% with no issues! The next load up was Sasquatch Ammunition - 124g - CPF. I remember this load being reliable and fairly accurate (which it was again!) but I had forgotten, it is also pretty stout! Here are seven shots on paper at 14 yards with it:

Gun Trigger Airsoft gun Starting pistol Revolver

Not great! But, I was not holding on the same point every time to see how it grouped. I was fishing around for the orange dot.

Here are three shots on the gong at 25 yards:

Recreation Play

...and I ended up going 5-6! The far steel at 53 yards? I hit 13 of 16:

Shooting range

Above picture with those wonderful 18 round magazines! I wish Sasquatch ammo would get out another run of 357Sig..they have been 0-balance for a while!

On to Underwood Ammunition - 124g -FMJ range supply - a recent purchase! Here are seven shots at 14 yards!:

Gun Revolver Shooting sport Games

I marked shots 1 & 6 because those are instances where I was holding directly on the bulls-eye... and you can see about how high this 320 shoots.(I will claim the pulling right). I wasted a lot of shots frustrating myself with the popper again. (At 33 yards)

Recreation Revolver

Only 3-12....Yoi!! The Underwood also ran without a hitch so I had 100% function for the day with the three loadings. At 25 yards and in, I did ok with the Underwood but beyond that, things got a little sketchy. Never hit the knockdown at 33 yards and went 6-11 on the far steel at 53 yards:
Blue Games Shooting range Recreation Play

A nice little flying V pattern...well...with a flyer.

Totals for the gun:

357Sig: 1135 rounds representing 23 loads
40S&W: 50 rounds representing 1 load

Very few failures with this gun:
- I had two Failures to fire with Crossfire Ammunition - Tactical Grenade - 100g - FHP - but I was getting same using it in other pistols
- I had 1 failure to fire with SBR (S. Ballistics Research) - 125g - HP - and if you read my reports, I don't think highly of THAT ammo.
- I had 1 failure to feed with Winchester T-series - 125g - SXT - found the case bulged 3/4s of the way around the circumference right where it tapers at the necked down area. (I have had weird luck with some Winchester ammo).

Anyway, I chock all up to ammo issues (still not bad for 23 loadings...24 if you count the .40S&W load)

Parting shot - P320 - Sasquatch ammo - 3/3 on steel at 18 yards:

Shooting sport Recreation Shooting Shooting range Sport venue
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