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Sig P239 value

  1. hey dudes any idea what a Sig P239 in 9mm is worth
    In good condition ? Looking to sell
  2. Used in my LGS about $400 to $450
  3. Always good to check Gunbroker for current value, but under $500 for sure.
  4. Definitely not worth more than $100, but I'll do you a huge favor and take it off your hands for $150.
  5. If you were local to me, I'd send you a pm. But Texas ... that's like a whole other country.

    EDIT: Also if you're gonna stealth advertise your P239, you should probably mention how many magazines are included in the deal. They seem to be scarce.
  6. I am seeing excellent condition ones here for $450-$500
  7. I’ve got a near perfect gun, 9mm w: NS, and 4 mags on consignment for $550 and it’s not moving. Similar packages seem to trade for 500 on GB.
    Lots of 40’s hitting the mkt under $400.