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SIG P210-6 vs SIG Sauer P210 Legend

  1. I don't have a lot of these dandies like Bac and Zeleny; only have a Swiss and a German to play around with. To me, they're cool but not so cool as to buy a bunch of variations, though I might try to find the P49 just because it's the original.

    There are several internal differences between the SIG and the SIG Sauer, and Zeleny would be the one who can expound on them with any sort of intelligence. Since that I am but a layman when it come to the 210-family, I'll just address some of the basic ones:

    1. Sights: the -6 has a narrow front and U notch rear that is meant for some fine, long range accuracy work. The Legend has a wide front with a rectangular rear that splits the difference between long range work and close range fast shooting.

    2. Finishes: the -6 has a matte blued finish while the Legend has one of those black "miracle" finishes - I think it's the Nitron coating. Whichever way, they work. Though I think that the Nitron finish helps the Legend's slide feel a bit smoother than the -6.

    3. Safety levers: They're both at the same spot and work the same way but the Legend's is easier to manipulate while the -6 is extremely stiff but "click" positive to put on and off. Neither of them are good for quick flicking on and off. Interestingly enough some of the Legends like the Super Target has the safety ala M1911 style.

    4. Mag release: the -6 has the traditional heel mag release and the Legend has the side button American style release. The side button mag release is convenient but the heel release is impossible to be accidentally activated. You will never have to worry about bumping against something and the mag'd pop out with this sucker.

    5. Beavertail: The -6 doesn't have one and the Legend does. If one were to do the high grip style, the -6 will draw blood with hammer bite ala M1911 with the original rat tail grip safety. Will it kill you? No, but definitely distracting with the shooting drills, I can tell ya.

    6. Magazines: They aren't interchangeable but there are some similarities: both are extremely stiff to load, they both have the zipper spines. The original mags are nigh impossible to get - one would have to cruise the German's equivalence of Craig's List to buy them and they usually cost $150-200 Uncle Sam for a beat up one. The Legend's were easier to get. Or at least used to be easier to get. A bit cheaper too at a mere $97 MSRP a pop.

    Both guns are beautifully finished inside and out. It's Swiss watch quality in the -6 case and German watch quality in the Legend case. I don't have German watches but I do know a few people with German watches and these things ain't no chump change. Analogies aside, let's get on with it.

    The Legend is the top one because Deutschland Uber Alles.

    Yes, the Swiss gun drew blood (the way the Swiss banks charges interests). The battered skin is right next to the scar from where the Colt M1911 (not M1911A1 but M1911) took its pound of flesh.

    The ammo were American Eagle FMJ, Hornady XTP and Gold Dot JHP. Amazingly enough the P210-6 ate the hollowpoints with equal aplomb as the Legend. Honestly, I didn't think that either would eat hollowpoints because both of these guns were made for matches.

    Lastly is my shooting notes of these two guns.


  2. Chicks dig hammer bite scars.
  3. Awesome pistols, I'm envious. :supergrin:
  4. Good write up and those are some sweet Sigs!
  5. The shooting impression report is going to be really boring: Them heaters shot gud.

    I, ahem, "jerked" the triggers a couple of times and threw some shots out, but otherwise they would have been either one-holers or super tight groups. All shootings were done in the standing position with both hands supporting the grip. I didn't do any of the duelist style shooting though I might do that at a later date.

    During the Mozambique drills, the Swiss was noticeably slower because of the fine front sight AND the low grip (I pussed out at this point and didn't want to suffer any more hammer bites).

    However, these guns are heavy with long barrels and a grip angle that direct the recoil straight back into your palm. There's hardly any muzzle rise. They both shot to where I looked. I didn't even bother to aim at this point. One of the range chicks was rather impressed. Alas, she wasn't the good looking one. Had the HAWT blondie were there, I might have let her trip my trigger a few times.

    In summary, don't buy these guns. They are too damn good and easy to shoot well. There's no teeth gnashing to try to get the damn iron sights to work, no whining about trigger pulls. Shooting them is rather anticlimactic. There's no Zev Technology trigger replacement, no fancy Big Dot triple illumination iron sights. No stippling of the grip. No stupid - er, I mean cool, camouflage paint job. No Kydex Raven Concealment holster.

    Boring guns for boring fuddy duddies. Stick with Glocks.

  6. Heck, Berto, I'm envious of some of your irons too.
  7. Very nice.
  8. The Monica Belucci drill should be July's challenge
  9. That's great.

    I only have one extra P210 mag but at least 7 extra Legend mags.
  10. Very nice fnfalman, great range report.
  11. Deleted.
  12. Very nice, fnfalman :cool:

    I'm a big fan of the P210, as you alluded to.
  13. Great comparison!
    I missed the boat on the German P210, but am happy enough with my Swiss one.
  14. Whoa what's my dream girl's drill?

  15. Niiiiice
  16. Nice...cool comments/notes, too.

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  17. Love the 210 thats on the list of retirement gun/gift to myself buys :)
  18. Uhm, that pic of your right hand makes me very uncomfortable ...
  19. Nothing but a bit of skin and a drop of blood. Do it often enough and it'd callus over.
  20. Do it!!!
  21. Yeah, the P210 can bite your hand at times, but its not nearly as bad as some others.
  22. Gorgeous pair, keep your hand under the hammer and shoot them often!!
  23. Thanks for the detailed and good review. The P210-6 came with two different sights, the service sights and the adjustable target sights that the P210-5 came with. I also prefer the thinner service sights for accuracy nowadays, which has to do with age-related declining eyesight.
  24. My 210 has never bit me. But the first shot a friend of mine took with it got him pretty good. At least it cured him of ever wanting to shoot it again. And it might have saved him a few thousand dollars :)
  25. Maybe your friend needs to go on a diet.
  26. He's around 6'4" and around 270lbs I'd guess.
  27. It's funny, but I very rarely suffer from hammer bite from any handgun. I get caught by slides because I take such a high grip.
  28. Don’t forget the von Stavenhagen-type dot and bar contrast sights:
  29. Yes, indeed. I almost forgot about the wider Kontrastvisier, it came out later and I have rarely actually seen, or noticed, it on pistols. Was this a factory option, or did it come standard on some models?
  30. No pain,no gain.
  31. I get bitten by the P210 standard hammers and shortened the spurs a little bit on both my P210s.
  32. Factory option after the development of the P75, which saw these sights introduced.
  33. I just looked at my only two P210s and compared them. The P210-4 has the service sights, while mz P210-6 has the adjustable target sights. The trigger contour of the service pistols is noticeably different and the take-up is heavier, the service pistols have a 1000 gr trigger spring, while the -5 and -6 have a 500 gr spring. *** I have to add that the -6 has an adjustable trigger overtravel stop, which is a nice touch.

    At the range I do not see any advantage of one over the other.