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Sig M17

  1. Anybody out there shooting the M17?

    I figured as a retired Army guy, it is time to get one of these to compliment my M9.

    How is it working for you?
  2. I have the normal full size P320. It is a decent gun. No complaints about it. Only thing i would do is make it a little larger grip module.
  3. LTC Patrick Sleem, the commander of the USAR Service Pistol team, has been using an M17 for a few years now. He has been high in the President's Hundred with it the last 2 years (basically, the 100 best precision pistol shooters in the USA/world), since I've been shooting with him, and I think a year before that. He is a gunsmith, so he did his own trigger mods and fitted a Bar-Sto barrel. I have been using a P320 X-Five with a stock barrel and Gray Guns trigger kit in the same matches and have shot my personal best score with it.

    If you aren't familiar, the President's Match that decides the Hundred and from which service members get the tab, is a 40-shot match, shot half at 50 yards and half at 25 yards, with iron sights, at NRA B6 and B8 targets.

    Here's a video of what is called "the short line" (25-yard portion) to give you an idea of the precision involved. For the "long line" half of the match, we move back to those tables way in the background and shoot at the same targets (but with one extra ring colored in - same size scoring rings).

    View: https://youtu.be/tVeMXz34gfk

    EDIT: I just noticed the two guys to the left of the Air Force shooter in that video are Maj. Tom Bourne and SGM George Greene, from the USAR Service Pistol Team.
  4. Yes, it’s a tack driver and very nice shooter. I’m impressed with it - very.
  5. They do nothing for me, but they certainly appear to be a crowd favorite. :cool:
  6. I waited a bit to let the Sig hate settle out on this. I am sure it is a great gun.
  7. I love Sigs, just depends on the model.

    I get the appeal of the P320. I’m just not a big polymer pistol fan to begin with. Outside my Glock’s for carry, I see little reason to own any. I do like the Strike One quite a bit. I’ve got a few of those.
  8. I bought a full size p320 40sw 5 years ago well before they became "popular " . Its a fine shooter just a bit taller and longer than what works well for carry for me so I also bought a compact with nigh sights size too a month later and it was my edc for 4.5 years .

    I just picked up a p320 XCompact in 9mm and I know one day I will want a less snappy pistol than my 40sw version and may need a dot optic !! I like the new grip design better and now use that same style grip on my old p320 . The full size stays in the gun safe .
  9. The newer grip design definitely allows for a slightly lower bore axis, which is great.
  10. Not all US military issued firearms appeal to me, especially guns that I didn’t serve with. The M17 neither pluck at my heartstring first nostalgia nor aesthetically appeal to me.
  11. We got ours issued a month or two months ago.

    I’m unimpressed with the money they spent on it, but they seem like an ok pistol. Would prefer the 18
  12. Got one a couple weeks ago. As far as plastic pistols go, it's one of the best IMHO. I really like the ergonomics, and it's an absolute tack driver that so far eats whatever I feed it.

    What I don't like is the optic mount is R1 Pro or DPP-only. I'd prefer an RMR, but it's not likely I'll be mounting an optic anyway.
  13. Who gets issued the M18?
  14. I haven’t seen any, but I think CID got some.

    I’ve heard the Marines went to the 18 instead of the 17
  15. Interesting
  16. I'll Stick with the M1873, M1911, and M11A1. The Beretta is a 92 because I carried one As a LEO not in the military. No plans now or in the foreseeable future to get a M17/18.
  17. I wouldn’t mind picking one up but I have too many guns now that I just had to have and after one trip to the range they sit in the safe .
  18. Is it also shot one handed at the 50 yard line ?
  19. Yes. All bullseye and service pistol is shot one handed.

    A perfect target from the 25-yard line (Brian Zins)

    This guy is a little better than me at 50 yards, but this is more like an average target among expert and master level shooters.


    The black part of the target is 8" at 50 yards and that's as tight as I can hold a 10-shot group, with my experience and factory guns, but serious shooters need to keep all or nearly all shots in the 3.36" 10-ring. the X ring is 1.695" and a serious shooter at 25 yards will have 10 shots in or touching that circle.
  20. Do you compete? All of those guns will make more sense if you use them in competition or for some other purpose. Having a safe full of guns and not competing or hunting is like having a collection of basketballs but never playing the game.
  21. Have you noticed any difference between his and yours concerning the accuracy with the Bar Sto?
  22. At that level of shooting it would be hard for me to tell - I have heard it said many times, when people talk about getting a ransom rest to test their guns, that a good bullseye shooter can shoot better groups than a ransom rest, so it's mostly the shooter. I should get him to shoot mine the next time I see him. I got him to try a Glock 17 with a KKM barrel at 50 yards the last time we practiced together, but he was shooting more like 7-8" groups with it, so he wasn't very impressed
  23. Sig has mechanical accuracy figured out . You can fit a Barsto and you’d still be lucky to get the same level of accuracy as the oem barrel. Sig stated that “they designed the P320 to be the most accurate polymer pistol available.” As far as my ransom rest testing goes their statement stands true. All 3 of my sigs 9mms will shoot 3/4” or under -5 round groups at 25 yards in the ransom. Try doing that with your Glock. Actually don’t waste your time. The barrels of the P320 are “pretensioned” maybe this has something to do with their incredible accuracy. Either way I wouldn’t waste your money on an aftermarket barrel, unless you enjoy being disappointed. Not to mention Barsto uses a goofy 1/16 twist for 9mm. I have used them but much prefer 1/10 twist
    Apex for M&Ps and factory for my Sigs.
    The new x series P320 are amazing
    Accurate as f&:k
    Great ergos
    Great sights &
    Great triggers
    Not sure what more you could want
  24. Good shooter , outshoot a ransom ? ?
    I can guarantee he won’t outshot my ransom rest. Or any others that are set up properly. For actual testing there is only 1 way.
  25. I use to . Now I just shoot for recreation. Might change soon though. A new outdoor gun club is set to open this January and the owner is big into competition shooting. He says he’s going to have monthly matches for IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, Cowboy, etc.
  26. You don't need that kind of mechanical accuracy in a duty or self defense pistol. And reliability under adverse conditions is usually the reason such guns give up a little accuracy.
  27. I agree. The Sigs are probably more accurate, but I'll still use Glocks for self-defense. The Glock is accurate enough and I trust it more.
  28. Between those sports, you have a use for about 20 guns. Heck, you need a minimum of 4 cowboy guns for 1 match.
  29. :agree:

    I’m just a creature of habit and I’m used to carrying Glock’s, I guess.
  30. I still wondering if the OP had to do any filleing on that barrel or if it was a drop in . No use wasting money on a drop in .

    There one guy on sig talk shooting sub .500 25 yards groups working up a pet loads with a p320X5 but he is using a ransom rest . Still that's a good shooting handgun
  31. To
    say someone doesn’t need that level of accuracy is ludicrous, If you place 1 shot where it needs to be the fight is over, if you miss your life may be over. Accuracy is life and death in my opinion.
  32. When 1 shot placed correctly can save your life and 1 miss can mean the end of your life. I want all the accuracy I can get. It’s a matter of life and death. It does matter.
  33. When we talk about shooting a 2" group vs. a 4" group at 50 yards, we are talking about 1/4" difference in a shot fired at self-defense distances, probably without using sights. No, that doesn't make a difference. I can hit a person's head with my Glock at 25 yards all day long and 25 yards is a lot longer shot than any civilian self-defense case I can imagine.
  34. Everyone is Annie Oakley on the internet, and you have no idea at what distance you will need to take a shot. If you are happy with sub par accuracy, I hope your fast on the trigger and a little lucky, or you may find out how important that “1/4” difference may actually be.
  35. I love mine.. very flat shooting and accurate... good balance and weight as well...
  36. Does the M17 have the removable "chassis" ?
  37. Ha! The miniscule difference in mechanical accuracy between a Glock and Sig has absolutely no real world practical effect. I can't believe I just read that.
    If anyone is worried about that, don't let your head explode when considering the many other factors that go into getting the advantage over an opponent. Factors like situational awareness, getting the gun out of the holster, putting 2 hands on it aiming, and not yanking the trigger. In less than 2 seconds please.
  38. I want it I just don’t like what I’ve seen about the coating on the M17 wearing quickly.

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  39. Someone who worries about coating wearing off won't shoot it enough for it to matter anyway.
  40. Yep, the Fire Control Unit (FCU) can be dropped into any P320 9mm/40SW/357SIG grip module. Just need the relief cuts for the ambi safety.
  41. I understand normal wear but I’ve seen where the coating has worn to the metal where the slide runs against the frame after 500rds.

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  44. Mine isn’t that naive lol

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  45. I just picked up the full size.
    A Red Box deal for $379
    Put the X5 grip module on it. Damn nice with the X5 grip module.
    It's G17 size and has a great trigger.....inherently better than a Glock trigger because the striker spring is fully charged.

    If this design came out the same time Glock did, Glock popularity would have been greatly diminished.
    The modular aspect of this design is remarkable.

    The M17 doesn't interest me because it has the external safety.
  46. They make it w/o safety

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  47. If they made it in black, then maybe I'd take another look at M17.
  48. This is essentially what I did, love the Xgrip and it works so well for me, It's my bedside. When these came out I never figured they'd work for me as well as they do. Put an Apex flat trigger on mine as well.
  49. I think they do also lol

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  50. I have a Keres trigger on order.
    The aftermarket is young for this one.