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Sig has halted production of the P365

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This is not a joke, or fake news. Considerable discussion today on the various Sig forums that Sig has temporarily halted production of the P365 to iron out some problems that have been reported and apparently confirmed by Sig. Interesting that some guns are evidencing misaligned barrels causing damage after only a 100 or so rounds. Sig had no announcement as to when production might be restarted. Here is a link to such discussion:
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It's hardly a shock that a completely new gun design (and a really diminutive one, at that) might experience some teething problems with its first rollout.
Man...I don't know. I manage a team of product managers. If they rolled out product that had teething problems, they'd be looking for another job. Those issues cost companies significant revenue. The maximum failure rate I'll accept is 3%....and people aren't staking their life on the product we make.
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