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That's what I say every time I take this thing out! Actually I admit that the only reason I brought it to the range Saturday was to try out the "forty" barrel. I had bought a 40 S&W "drop-in" barrel that, after a couple of years of non-use, I discovered did not drop in. Finally got around to taking it to the gunsmith and he fitted it!
I was at the auxiliary pistol range so that I could set things up the way I like.... when a car with NY plates pulled up and asked for a slice of the range. I was sorta surprised since the full size pistol range was completely vacant. I moved my stuff a little and even left a steel plate for the newcomers to shoot at. I tell that story as an excuse for my first five shot grouping at 15 yards with Trident Ammunition - 124g - JHP (RL) - I was a little outta my comfort zone!

I settled in, and the combination of 2340 and Trident Ammunition started making me look good. Here is either two or three shots at the gong at 25 yards!

I had a bowling pin out at about 42 yards and then two out at 50..... and I was making contact with them fairly consistently. The guy shooting next to me was shooting one handed and wanted to see how well I could do, so he put a 12oz soda out at 25 yards.... and said I could win a soda if I hit it one-handed. I don't often shoot one-handed but I won that soda on the first shot! And as Trident is JHP, it made a nice show! No failures of any kind with the Trident --- seriously, this is some good stuff! I have shot it through four different pistols now - All with fantastic results!
Next load up was Vet-Made Ammunition - 124g - FMJ. Every round functioned flawlessly, but not with as much oomph or accuracy as the Trident. As my rate of making contact with steel dropped off, I shot at paper to see where things were going...

Not bad left and right but stringing vertically. Then I did a quick break-down and replaced the 357Sig barrel with the .40 S&W barrel. Again, I was impressed by LAX ammo - 180g - FMJ (RL) - plenty of oomph and accuracy - 50 rounds fired with no issues! At 15 yards:

So my take-away from this range trip-
1.) Trident ammo proves itself again to be some nice Fodder!
2.) LAX is some wonderful stuff in .40!
3.) Why don't I shoot this 2340 more often? 100% proper function and I enjoy it!

650 rounds total thru this pistol in 357 Sig representing 9 loads!
50 rounds thru in 40S&W representing 1 load!

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