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Hi everyone. Im relatively new to hunting. Im just wondering what sidearms everyone carries while hunting, if any? Living in the southeast I feel pretty good with my G23 and some underwood 155gr xtp rounds in it. I reckon its a good mixture of protection against 2 and 4 legged threats.

Has anyone ever used a pistol to "finish" off a deer or other big game? If so where is the most ethical shot placement? I figured its more ethical to finish it than let it suffer.

I appreciate any information.
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Glock 20 with 5.5" barrel, though sometimes a Kimber 1911 10mm, or SW Mountain Gun in 44mag. Finished a cow elk with the Kimber 10mm one year with a head shot. I always have a 10mm or larger pistol with me in the woods while in the mountains. No problem carrying the sidearm in the woods while hunting in CO, but to use it on game it has to be legal for the game and season. E.g. I can't use a 44mag to finish off en elk during bow season. However, I can use it to kill or finish off an elk during gun season provided the pistol meets the min. requirements (4" barrel and 550ft-lbs at 50 yards).

It's comforting to have here. Lots of times here you don't have a rifle with you. There's the obvious, nature calls, but also while skinning/quartering big game. (Usually someone takes the shooter's long gun back to camp and trades it for the game packs.) Hiking out with an elk quarters on your back. Like walking bear bait. Or just lounging in camp - rifles are usually unloaded and cased (due to vehicle transport requirements).
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