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Shrimp baiting season starts tomorrow

  1. Anyone in SC goin' shrimping this season? If so, good luck. I might see ya on the big blue...
  2. How do you bait shrimp? I've used shrimp for bait but
    not the other way around.
    Nothing better than shrimp boiled with lots of crab boil, unless
    maybe shrimp and prime rib.
    good shrimpin!
  3. Get fish meal and clay and make "bait balls".

    Get 10 PVC pipes less than 1" in diameter.

    Place the poles where they are in a line not exceding 100'.

    Drop the bait near the poles.

    Drink a few beers to let the shrimp get on the bait.

    Drive the boat from pole to pole and use a cast net to catch the shrimp.

    The limit is 1 48 qt. cooler per boat.
  4. I am presuming that you attach the bait to the poles
    by some method such as a string or line?Is the bait suspended between the poles with the line running from pole to pole?
    Sounds like the same method we use to catch crabs here.
    We use turkey necks, bacon, etc and suspend the bait between the poles. Then use a net to catch the crabs after pulling up the line. Or we just use wire crab traps with a funneled entrance.
    Might have to try the shrimp method and see if it works here.
    Probably get more crabs than shrimp but maybe not if the bait is suspeneded just below the surface.
    thanks for any info,
  5. Umm, you are somewhat incorrect here.

    You don't attach the bait to anything. You just toss the bait balls (patties so they don't roll away with the tide) somewhere close to the pole. No need to attach it. If the shrimp are there, your bait just needs to be in the vacinity.

    I have never heard of crabbing this way. Sounds like too much freakin' trouble if you ask me. Here, we just get crab pots (traps, cages, whatever you call them) and tie a bouy to them. Leave them out a day or so then go back to where your traps are, pull them up, and go home.

    But, as far as shrimping goes, you may want to check your state DNR regulations to see if this is legal in your area. It is a higly governed practice down here.
  6. The crabbing method using the line between 2 poles with
    bait suspended is actually very easy. We use this method when
    we are surf fishing when we are not in a boat.
    The crab traps we use when we are running a boat and it is easy
    as well. The last time we used the baiting method, we caught
    4--48 qt. ice chests of crabs.
    I just checked the regs here--limited to 50 lbs a day per boat
    using a cast net 8.5' diameter or less or 100 lbs using a 16' trawl or less during the open season, which right now is from August to December.