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Shout out to Minnesota Motorheads, looking for a little advise.

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My son has been in the marines the last 8 years, and he is soon to be deployed again. The last 5 years he has been working on a project car, a 1981 Chevy ElCamino.

He has rebuilt and hopped up a 6.0 Liter LS motor, installed it, and has most of the parts needed to complete it. Sounds like it's down to the wiring hardness, some exhaust work, and changing over to a gas tank mounted electric fuel pump, and maybe some odds and ends.

Anyway, the car is not running, and as soon as he gets back he has to pick up shop and move the family from CA to Florida.

Being the great dad I am, I volunteered to have a transportation service bring it up to MN, and over the next few months I'll take it in and have it finished. Hopefully I'll have a couple months to break it in properly, then drive it to FL in the fall.

There is a local drag racer that has worked on my 65 Chevy on and off over the years, but he doesn't always have time to work on other people's projects.

I am looking for a "plan B". Can anybody recommend a good HONEST mechanic within a 100 miles or of the MPLS/St. Paul area?
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You need to find an enthusiast mechanic that does this for fun, and might also be a professional mechanic. Online forums for classic cars might be a good bet.

As a pro field technician, who moonlights as an auto tech, I wouldn't touch this with someone else's tools and shop. Nope, always a nightmare.

Also make sure that you aren't messing up. Sometimes the project is more fun than the finished ride. If that's the point, then you ain't doing nobody a favor. Another option is to roll the whole thing into a 10x20 rental storage garage.

I had a garage for years in Florida when I moved to Ohio. It sucked, but I got by.
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