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Shoulder Holster for Glock 21 Gen 4

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I am interested in carrying a Glock 21 Gen 4 in a shoulder holster and would be interested in comments on your experience. I am looking at this holster. If you have any experience with this shoulder holster, I would be interested in your comments on it. Thanks
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OK, the shoulder holster you linked is by Rudy @Blackhills gun leather. Great guy to work with.

I think the best shoulder rig he makes is his open top. It's neither horizontal or vertical, thus requiring no thumb break/straps (faster draw) while the cant allows more of a full combat grip than a vertical rig offers. He can do single or double mag pouches on this rig, I believe it's the same price either way. Nice thing, no flaps required on the mag pouch.

I have his horizontal rig but if I was buying today, my 30S would ride in this baby...
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