Should gun data lists be muzzled?

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    The fox guarding the hen house, or the Roanoke Times does a self evaluation.

    First--good for this guy responding..."At 9:15 last Sunday morning, just a few hours after The Roanoke Times was dropped on doorsteps and shoved into paper boxes across the region, Scot Shippee fired the first shot in what would become the newspaper's biggest Internet controversy."

    This story is suspect, its all in their terminology..."Muzzled", not exactly a friendly start to the news piece...."secretly armed", "hidden guns"..."gun-toters" not exactly glowing terms to describe fellow Virginians that have completed an FBI and Virginia State Police background investigation.

    Yes, they are probably within their 1A rights to publish the Virginia CHP list as there is no law against it, but as they found out rather quickly, there are consequences to every action. Hopefully they'll remember next time.