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Shot timer for dry firing

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I have various laser trainers and laser sights.

However, I’d like to get a range timer for dry firing. I have a PACT timer but I’d like something that detects the click of a dry fire which this does not. I’ve tried phone apps which do not detect the sound, either.

Is the CED7000 my only option?

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Dry fire is typically by par, and no, the 7000 will not pick up clicks. One advantage of working with pars is to break yourself of the habit of being influenced by the timer. You can use aggressive pars to help teach yourself to just shoot without any effort to go fast.

Try turning it around and use your timer to see how long your current process on a particular drill takes. Then make a change to the process (target focus vs. sight focus, for example) and see what time change that represents.
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