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At work I finally moved into a position where I was required to shoot the scored course rather than the hit or miss on a man sized target. Course of fire was pulling the gun (damn ruger P89 DAO 9mm, which I hate) from the holster (Blackhawk Sherpas) and firing at a man sized target within a prescribed time frame ie; pull, shoot 2 rounds 3 seconds; 2 rnds reload, 2 more rnds 5 seconds etc. from 3, 7, 15, and 25 yds. Out of a possible 180 in the normal pull and shoot from 3 and 7 and 15 yards, I scored 178 (jerked one out of the 5 pt zone into the 3pt). In the back half at 25 yds, where we had to do weak hand unsupported, shoot around the strong and weak side barricades, knealing weak and strong side barricades, I scored a 127 of possible 150 for a total of 305 out of a possible 330.

I was a little disappointed at first because I'm not used to the sherpas and several shots were rushed because I couldn't bring the gun up as fast and had to make up the seconds shooting faster, or on alot of the strings when I did pull the weapon I didn't have a good purchase on it before I pulled the trigger. But after learning that I had the highest score, save for the instructors who've taken this course for the last 10 years with a 312, I realized I did pretty good and I'm proud of it even though I know I can do better. Now that I know the course it's time to practice it on my own and hopefully get into the 320's next time out and bring my groupings in closer. Couldn't have my phone so couldn't take pics though.
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