Short LGS rant

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    Sep 30, 2010
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    About 3 weeks ago I bought a LE trade in glock 23. While there I browsed the 1911 section. They had 3 for 749.00, 2 springfield loadeds and a S&W. Well I go back today with intentions to buy and all of them were priced at 849.00:steamed:

    The fact they raised the prices wasn't so bad. But when I asked the owner about the old price and if he would take the 749.00 he played stupid and basically called me a liar. It's kind of funny, I've spent thousands of dollars there and can't figure out why they would treat a repeat customer that way... Not sure if I'll be going back but it sucks since I can walk there from my house.
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    Jan 17, 2010
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    That's why I mention to every customer the price they see today is today's price. Most look ask me of the store changes prices often, and I just tell them the owner can change his mind whenever.

    A guy came into the store I work at a couple weeks ago about an AK47 that we had. I told him that we sold them both, but that we might be able to order one for him. The owner said sure we'll order it, but not for the same price as the other ones we had. The man took offense to the fact that he would have to pay more, and even mentioning that the owner is always doing that(asking more for something ordered, yet asking a lower price when it's in stock). He eventually left pretty unhappy.

    I can see what your saying though, you've given the place your business, yet they can't give you a straight answer.