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short bursts in the movies?!

  1. Try to name movies that are very realistic, or close to being realistic when it comes to gun fights. My pick would be the rescue sequence in Proof of Life. That's the only movie I can think of where people with fully automatic weapons are used in short bursts of 2 and 3's. Anyone else have a pick?
  2. The shootout in "Heat"
  3. It wasn't a movie.
    It was an episode of "Invasion".

    Cop has a handgun and is against dozens of zombies with M-16's. He sneaks up on a zombie, and kills him with his pistol. Then, cop grabs the dropped M-16 and starts killing other zombies, even picked up another dropped M-16 before the cavalry arrived. The number of shots from any M-16 did not exceed the magazine capacity.

    It was a good Sci-Fi series, but the star actor, the cop noted above, got a better offer to star in a broadcast network series and the production of Invasion ceased without resolving the story line.
  4. Any others?
  5. i always found the A-TEAM shootouts to be quite real
  6. The US forces using single shots with their M16s in Black Hawk Down.
  7. You did??? They never hit anything!
  8. A-Team "I love it when a plan comes together"

    Private Ryan was realistic but I am having a hard time remembering others.

    Maybe Kellys Heros. The story was corny but the gun handeling wasn't too bad.
  9. I got another 1, the Way of the Gun.
  10. Hang on, Invasion ended with the sheriff popping off the infected folks! WTF? I watched that slow ass show for MONTHS and they never got past the blonde bimbos fascination with water and the pregnant chick sticking her nose into the cops business. Then they go all Rambo and start killing folks?! Damn, guess I should have hung on for another few weeks...:(

    Not a live action movie, but the anime "Ghost in the Shell 2:Innocence" has Batau using controlled bursts to take out attacking clone slave girls (hmmm, more realistic than it seems, trust me :p

    Segal did it in Under Siege, and probably some of his other movies.
  11. Hopalong Cassidy.
  12. anything on the military channel. :rofl: