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Shootout caught on doorbell video.

  1. Compensating for anticipated 'bullet drop'!
  2. His eyes are closed! Hit the windshield of a parked car. :animlol:
  3. I like the guy at the end that ditches his gun in the black car, considers retrieving it, then decides probably better to walk away looking like he wasn't involved
  4. Pigeons.
  5. You mean so he could look like
    he didn’t do ...... never mind.

    Quite the cultural neighborhood rally.
    No one hit right. Good thing they don’t know how to shoot.
  6. They were peaceful demonstrators setting off fireworks you racists.
  7. At 48 seconds you'll see a branch fall out of the tree on the upper left by the yellow sign.
    Just before the LEO arrives, the rifle shooter in the striped shorts walks out of frame up the sidewalk from where a voice tells the arriving LEO, "we was inside but we heard it."

  8. Wait a minute, this was in a suburb of DC. Dont they have strict ,......
    Never mind.
  9. Multiple shooters. Just like in L.A. it is classic urban combat. :cop:
  10. This is where the 12ga shines.
  11. Is it really a shootout if no one gets shot?
  12. Washington DC Mayor said she was shocked by this.
    I'm not shocked or surprised by this.
  13. Looked like a scene right out of "Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood"......one of my favorite movies.
  14. HEH HEH.

  15. Well, no one in the video hit. Probably find a couple perforated neighbors, a dead dog, and a parrot with a hole through it in the next day or two.
  16. Deleted. DP.
  17. She is "shocked" that no one got shot - that's all. She is the dope that approved "painting" BLM on the D.C. streets.
    BLM painting.jpg
  18. Obviously marginalized...

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  19. yup... 8 blocks away there is a DC Hailstorm coming down on unsuspecting residents...
  20. I like the ones caught on camera that happen at night, you can see the sparks from the bullets skipping off the ground about 10 feet in front of the shooters because they drop their wrists so much!
  21. One of mine and my brothers all time favorites as well. We quote that movie all the time. Every time I walk into a place that has one of those little electronic doorbell sensors that goes ding dong guess what word goes off in my head!?
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  23. This video makes me reconsider how many extra magazines I carry. I sure would like to have more than a 5-round snub nose given the number of people, guns and rounds-fired involved. Unfortunately, stuck with 10 round mags here.
  24. [​IMG]
  25. Enjoy your 6 shot glock..
  26. They deliberately missed. After all, black lives do matter.
  27. Yeah cops are dangerous ???

    Not in that neighborhood
  28. And they wonder why...
  29. I felt like I was watching an all-black version of the classic A-Team, the only show where around 1,500 rounds could be fired without anyone getting hit. Of course, BA Barracus would come along and not take pity on a fool and throw a couple of folks through the air, so I guess, all in all, the A-Team was still more exciting.
  30. Ah pity the foo!
  31. You would be safer crouched down without a gun than anyone on the second floor of those houses.
  32. No...no....that IS D.C., exactly 2.4 driven miles from my work.

    DAYYYYYYYYUMM!!!! That is a lot of shooting!!!

    O.k......I'm kinda.....well......supportive of breaking gun-laws in D.C. D.C.s laws are ridiculous, I'm glad to see people ignoring them.

    I'd love to know what was happening there.

    The white dude with what looks like a brace/PCC set-up, and it never fires. Like he didn't know how to use it!!!! Friggin' priceless!!! Just about 0 gun-handling skills shown there, except for one dude that used two hands on his pistole, like he might have actually shot it before.
  33. I first thought the one in the yellow shirt was an innocent bystander trying to get to her car, but it looks like she was just another gang member who wasn't very good in a gunfight.

    Meanwhile, DC residents call to defund the police an elect politicians running on a "defund the police" platform.

    Direct video:

    View: https://youtu.be/0Iqabc2jrjM

    We had one in Louisville this weekend - over 100 shots fired in downtown Louisville with 5 shot and 1 killed. It was barely reported in the news. Turns out the shooters were most likely all the same race. The news is still just running story after story about people shot by the police and "peaceful protesters" burning things.
  34. Thanks for finding that video.

    Let's be mindful that we have 0 idea what is going on here. For all anyone knows, this was just local neighborhood people defending themselves from real bad folks, and we should be applauding their actions. Maybe some rioters/looters were making their way down the street, and the SHTF real quick.

    It would be very interesting to know what was happening.

    ETA; even the comments in the YT video shed no light on what was happening.
  35. ShootOUT not AT.
  36. is that Somalia?
  37. It looks to me that black lives matter more to everyone except the other backs.
    And they want us to change??
  38. Really? So you think somebody came to the neighborhood and attacked a big gang of armed, peaceful, law-abiding black males of what we'd call "military age" if it was a foreign country? That's not how reality works. Anybody with basic common sense can see that they are a group of violent criminals, just by the number and how they act. Whether they were the gang attacking another gang's turf or defending their own is the only question left open.
  39. Yeah. That’s the ticket.
  40. Except for the females, the white kid with the PCC, all the people running away. If anything, I'd guess that was some sort of BLM & Antifa fracas, but the location makes no sense as it's not near where the protests are happening. We have no idea who or what they're shooting at, who started the shooting, what lead up to what we see. What I do see is actually a nicer neighborhood/block for this area. Doesn't strike me as a drug turf situation.

    There's 0 proof of anything. 0 facts, 0 concrete information. How many times do we have to say wait until the facts come out?

    Get back to us when you find more info on what happened. I'll keep an eye on the YT comments.
  41. We need to get rid of all those racist doorbell cams. They obviously are biased and deliberately set out to portray certain ethnicities in an unfavorable light.

    Not quite. The facts gleaned from this video are that irresponsible people are spraying bullets without aiming in a residential area and present a very clear danger to the public at large.
  42. That showed no safe gun useage.. NONE. Bunch of idiots shooting in unknown directiions around people. That would get you tossed out of any gun range I have ever been near. Thank god no kids or innocent people were killed or injured.

    This is NOT why the 2nd ammendment exists.. this is an example of no judgement and no skill... and no social responsibility.

    This at a time when black people are on course to disband police departments ?? ( not most black people of course) looting , rioting and now this sort of psyco stuff !!
  43. This is the picture of all blacks that are in the minds of every police officer that confronts a black person. The black community has to change the picture profile in everyone minds of the violence that the black community is capable of to stop the violence to black people.
    If I'm a police officer that just wants to make it home, confronting a black person with a violent picture like this in the back of my mind, that will determine the treatment they will receive from me. Think about it, it doesn't matter if you are black or white if you are dealing with a race that has a violent past it will change the way you treat them.
  44. I bet I can guess how many of these guys want to defund the police department.
  45. No white kid or PCC in the video. A somewhat lighter-skinned black kid with a rifle caliber AR pistol, by the look of the magazine. You won't see Antifa in a fight like that, unless they are helpless victims.

    The neighborhood is not at all unusual for "the hood" in 2020. I often check out the areas where these crimes happen on Google Streetview, in cities all over America. That looks fairly typical of the good side of the hood, with those iron fences being the dead giveaway.
  46. This is why the gun show loophole needs to be closed. Those shooters obviously got those guns at a local D.C. gun show that wasn't requiring picture I.D. and Instant Background Checks on all purchasers. :)
  47. Ginger?
  48. Looks white to me. Owning what looks like a PCC/AR15 with a brace makes me think white-guy from out of town. Like some "protestor" from Virginia with heavy white guilt. Those aren't purchasable in MD or DC, so it probably came from Virginia. But in Virginia, it would have to be registered.

    That he also appears to have 0 knowledge of how to use it, gives the impression it's some ANTIFA type that just bought it, or stole it from dad, or their brother or friend.
  49. Thanks for your permission.