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Shockwave Technologies Blade w/G17

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Went to the range today to try the Blade/G17 combination. It was GREAT!

There have been posts here about the Blade, but it's now legal to shoulder and I'm really liking it.

I compared it to a KelTec Sub 2000 with a holographic sight. The Blade/Glock was significantly faster for the 20 to 35 yard steel targets. Fit was better for my fat face and the open sights were much better for quick acquisition, first and follow-up shots.

I tried a couple of 50 round plastic drums and they ran well in both guns with Silver Bear steel cased hollowpoints. Both guns really look like crowd pleasers outfittted like that!

Got my kid one for his birthday this week, got another for my bedside companion, Glock 22 with .357 Sig extended barrel, light and green laser. I am a much improved shot with the Blade.