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Shift Questions....

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I couldn't find any other post that talked about it.

I've been thinking about being a Career Firefighter, starting off as a Volunteer this summer since my county has signs everywhere trying to recruit volunteers.

I've read from other post, plus word of mouth that yeah pay is not the greatest, hours can be long and hard and you may not get the respect you deserve. What kind of shifts do stations do. I know every place is different, but i do know its not a 9-5 kinda Job. Are the shifts broken up into Day, Swing, Grave..., how are days off rotated?

If any of ya'll could give some info, that would be great. Thanks.
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24 hrs on, followed by 48 hrs off. Every work day is like a Friday! :)
Originally posted by oldstyle
24 hrs on, followed by 48 hrs off. Every work day is like a Friday! :)
That doesn't seem too bad.... is that common among other stations, or is that just a lucky shift-style?
We work for 4 days then off for 4 days. We begin the shift with 2, 9 hour day shifts followed by 2, 15 hour night shifts, then off for 4 days. The schedule moves up a day each week. I like it alot. There are two cities next to us that have career depts. also. The one works for 24 hours and then off for 2 days. The other works 4, 10 days in a row, then off for 4 days, then 4, 10 hour nights in a row. Everyone you talk to likes the way they work so its just what you get use it.
48 hours on, 96 hours off.
The department that I hope to be on soon has 48 on, 48 off, 48 on, 48 off, 48 on, 6 days off. Then it starts all over again.
Originally posted by lomfs24
The department that I hope to be on soon has 48 on, 48 off, 48 on, 48 off, 48 on, 6 days off. Then it starts all over again.

That sounds like the bestone yet!

Unfortunately i just missed the Annual apllication for Entry Level recruits. SO i guess this late summer i will join up as Volunteer and go to school and start the Fire Service program to be Firefighter I cert. But this spring i wouldn't have been able to apply anyways because the depts. in my area require a Washington State or National Registery Emergency Medical Technician Certification card or a class completion form and i dont have one.
24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 24 off, 24 on 3 days off....repeat.

72 hr. week.....48 on, 48 off 6 shifts then a 6 day kelly, 288 hrs/month.

respect you deserve? no one DESERVES respect, we earn it!

by all means, sign up as a volunteer firefighter and see if the job is for you!

it certainly is not for everyone!

good luck!
I work 2 days on, four days off.

By all means, volunteer, and see if it something that you like.
1 day on 2 days off 1 day on 2 days off 1 on 2 off 1 on 5 off 2 on then repeat. Nice getting 5 off every 3rd week. Tie in a Kelly Day with the 5 off and you get a vacation without using any PTO.
24 on / 48 off, Kelly day every 7th shift. Mine is Sunday.
Kelly Day....?
I'm doing 3 12 hours shift, and then 4 days off. But most of what you'll see is the 24 on and 48 off.
FIREFIGHTERS work 24 X 48's

A.C.'s work California Swing..... work, off, work, off, work, off 4days ..... start over

Originally posted by I FLEX
Kelly Day....?
A Kelly Day is a paid day off in your cycle giving you five days off in a row. Depending on how often they come determines your work week hours. A kelly day every three weeks ( every 7 shifts) is a 48 hour work week.
my kelly happens every 6 shifts we work a 2 on 2 off 72 hr work week
which gives us a 6 day kelly. it's great at vacation time, a shift of in front of the kelly and one in back gives us a 2 week vacation.

it's a great shift pattern!
The local FD gets 24on and 48 off. I am on EMS which is a seperate dept. our pay period starts on a tuesday. we have
2 on, 2 off, 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off. Basically take tues wed on. thursday friday off, then sat sun monday on. Now flip it.
guess its easier to say it like this

2 on, 2 off, 3 on. Now do the opposite 2 off, 2 on, 3 off

These are 12-hour shifts btw. We also get our form of a kelly day which comes about once every 21 work days.
I used to work RESCUE31 shifts. Now that we have been doing the 24/96 I can not image going back to the other.

I live two counties away from the Station so the gas savings alone is worth the shift change.
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