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Sheriff Posse - you can join...

  1. https://ccsheriff.net/sheriffs-posse.php

    ...If you live in Canadian county Oklahoma. Application at link.

    The Canadian County Sheriff's Office is looking for volunteers to serve on the "Sheriff's Posse." While traditional posse's of the Old West were used to chase down and apprehend outlaws, Sheriff Chris West is more interested in volunteers who would be willing to assist the Sheriff and his deputies in times of a local crisis, or state of emergency.

    The Sheriff's Posse is a rapid response force of citizens who could be called upon "in a minutes notice" to answer the call to aid in safeguarding lives and property and the Constitutional Rights of innocent law abiding citizens of Canadian County. The Sheriff will also utilize the Posse to support other civic and community oriented events and activities.

    To apply you do not need to have former law enforcement or military experience. It is our hope to bring diversity in skill, abilities, as well as race and gender to the group.

    Applicants will be contacted once their application has been received and processed.
  2. Bit of a drive for me, interesting for sure.
  3. Must be able to say 'please surrender and be arrested' in English and French.
  4. Giddy up!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Reminds me of the lady sheriff in El Pusso.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. How many will get their concealed carry badge?
  9. I thought Canadians didn't have any "Constitutional Rights" to protect.
  10. Those are different Canadians.
  11. Uh.....this is in Oklahoma....
  12. The sash makes a more dramatic statement.
  14. Think I will pass.
  15. This would be me:

  16. Do I get grenades?
  17. So, he wants create a CERT in his area: Civilian Emergency Response Team. This has been talked about in emergency services for years (decades more likely).

    CERT usually wears yellow or green helmets. Many states have them now.

    The sheriff just wants a cooler name?
  18. The sash serves a very real and useful purpose. But you can laugh if you want.

    Sent from deep behind enemy lines in the liberal bastion of Denver, Co.

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  19. This is about forty miles from me. The Canadian County Sheriff is Chris West. He’s a retired Highway Patrol Captain and he’s made a lot of changes since he took office.
  20. It can probably substitute for a fishing vest with smaller guns.
  21. Do I get a nifty hat and be able to talk funny??
  22. 873ECC3E-DEC6-434D-88E9-06B78F0C5CDF.png

    Posse? I’m in!
  23. if i get to ride a horse,,, and how about a Winchester...
  24. Lots of police dept's use this concept, they are called reserve officers or reserve deputies. As a rule they are not paid for employment and are issued Creds or deputized to make arrests while serving the Department. They go thru training and serve in variety of capacities after completing training.
  25. There is a vast difference to what Oklahomans think of themselves.....and what the reality actually is for 98% of them.
  26. But you know he rocks that athletic stuff when he plays cowboy sheriff in the video game.
    Turning around and sitting on the fence almost killed him. Like her attitude though.
  27. If you can't manage a horse you don't qualify. You're simply not country enough for posse status. We'll get you a bike and some spandex.
  28. lih8hbu3mc121.jpg
  29. I can teach you to speak okie, but can't do anything about your funny mouth full of marbles accent.
  30. Does anyplace really use their CERT members? It started off full steam. After training used us for bodies in active shooter school drills, mass casualty. But had no clue we could be used to help. When they learned I was better at Triage then those from actual EMS. There were a few CERT folks who could be useful. If nothing else then limit public access to training, staging areas. Freeing Officers to participate.
    In 70s to late 90s I helped out local first responders. But liability concerns killed that mostly.

    MN kinda killed that @88 IIRC. Seems cities liked hiring reserve as no benefits rather then full time. No idea current status.
  31. I wonder what they mean by this...

    citizens who could be called upon "in a minutes notice" to answer the call to aid in safeguarding lives and property and the Constitutional Rights of innocent law abiding citizens
  32. Aiming point?
  33. True story.. here's a clip of a young FullClip

  34. CERT is a big deal here but it is almost 100% geared to post earthquake response. We don’t have a fault. It is a fault complex. When it finally goes it is really going to suck.
  35. That's was excellent! I bet he still has that saw too. He doesn't throw anything away we already know that.
  36. Posse huh? Do they supply the gunz and hangin rope or do I need to bring my own?
  37. If I could get Blue Label Glocks, and/or legally possess a Glock 18, I'm in.
  38. that sounds like an awesome idea , can we do that here in Fl? I'll be willing to do some back up for law enforcement, It would an awesome time.
  39. let's make our own posse !!!!!!! we can ride jeeps and stuff.
  40. Sheriff's have unique powers. They can convey arrest authority i.e, deputize just about anyone they want, so a posse member could conceivably have arrest powers if the sheriff so chooses.

    As was stated before many sheriff and police departments have reserves. Typically unsworn but they can wear uniforms and carry guns. Often used for parades, traffic control, security details, concerts etc,etc. Some are allowed to ride along with regular officers. When working with a sworn officer they pick up the same arrest authority.

    In many states in order to have arrest authority you have to go through a training academy but the county sheriff has unique powers. Bottom line is that a sheriff posse could have arrest authority or could just be reserves.
  41. [​IMG]
  42. Everyone gets one of these upon application approval.
  43. Most departments and sheriff's offices in Florida have a reserve and an auxiliary. Certified reserve officers have full arrest powers when on duty, having completed the FDLE Certification for a police officer. Auxiliary officers are only authorized arrest powers in the presence of a fully certified officer. We depended on them heavily at Panama City Beach during tourist season.
  44. Sign me up.
  45. Festus was played by Ken Curtis. Have you ever heard him sing. He was a member of the “Sons of the Pioneer” group.

    My first thought would be disaster response. Central Oklahoma is called tornado alley for a reason.
  46. I'm very familiar with that, but that has nothing to do with constitutional rights.
  47. Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!
  48. I agree. It’s so passé
  49. Lever action 45-70s.
    All good.