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Shelbyville, Kentucky OIS

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by seanmcp, Nov 22, 2011.

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    I'll lead with this so you know where it's going:

    "He's very caring. He would have never done anything wrong," Williams [the deceased's grandmother] said [of her grandson, who'd left a fight at a park, broken out some car windows at a local pizza place, busted thru the windows of her home apartment in a housing complex, and then assulted the 2 responding officers with a pipe and who was shot after repeated tasings proved ineffective].

    Important parts:


    In a news release, state police said police in Shelbyville had received 911 calls reporting a black male with a pipe who was busting out car windows and then, a window at a home on Clifton Court, which belongs to Trey Williams' grandmother.

    Police said once two Shelbyville police officers were let in by a maintenance worker, they found a 6-foot-1, 260-pound man who was "deranged and armed with a pipe." They said Williams physically attacked them, that they used a Taser on him several times, but that he still overpowered both officers.

    Police said one officer was eventually unable to defend himself, so the other used deadly force to stop the assault.


    The usual Lawyer-ese:

    "I don't know what was said or done, but I know this: there better be a good explanation for taking the life of an 18-year-old unarmed man," said Frank Mascagni, the attorney for the Williams family.


    The 2 officers are by no means rookies; one has 17 years with the local PD and the other has 6 there (I believe after a previous period at Louisville Metro). Here's what I've pulled from various news articles and what I heard on the scanner that day: The original call came in of a suspicious male with a pipe in the area, then a second call from another party of him breaking car windows down the street at a Hometown Pizza, and a 3rd call of him breaking out the windows of a house. Officers arrived at the scene and saw blood on the broken windows and made entry, where they were confronted by the male with the pipe. He assaulted the officers (witnesses saw one of the officers retreat from the home with visible injuries) despite their attempts to Tase him (my understanding is the deployments were successful but that he kept fighting after/through them), and one of the officers was forced to use lethal force when the assault continued. In a *totally* unrelated note, the same male had been arrested on the 14th for an alleged assault and disorderly conduct at his place of employment (Dairy Queen) and had bonded out on the 15th, and the morning of the shooting had (immediately prior to the car and house window breaking) been involved in a 'dispute' at the park where he'd been playing basketball.

    The grandmother initially stated that he was not currently living at the home, she had no idea why he was there at that time or was breaking out various windows to make entry, but of course, a few days later, he was living there, is always welcome, was probably just breaking out the windows because he'd lost his keys, and there's ' no reason whatsoever' for these officers to have killed this poor little boy who was just taking a nap (after having some milk and cookies and before he planned to go back out on the streets to preach the ways of rightiousness to misguided youth and rescue some kitties from a tree*). Of course they've hired attorneys to file suit against the police departments to ensure they learn the error of their ways and quit attacking defenseless young men who in a totally understandable fashion break windows out of a car and a house on their way to bed.

    *I totally made that part up, but I'm sure something close will come out soon.
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    Sep 3, 2009
    Love it.

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    Mm..looks like heaven
    Thanks for posting, Sean.

    IIRC, Willoughby does have time up here in Louisville. I know the name, but don't know any Shelbyville guys, so that's got to be where I know him from.

    I'm sure he was a good boy who was turning his life around and didn't actually hit the police with a pipe. That was all made up by the police, and the injuries were either faked or done by other officers after the fact, so they could justify this obviously racial killing.
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    Sounds like a good shoot, and a well deserved ending.