Sheep farmer

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    Dec 19, 2002
    Spring has come, and the farmer decides it's time to breed his sheep. So he loads up all the sheep in the trailer to his pick-up, and drives to the far side of the field.

    One-by-one, he gives them all a good humping. After the last sheep, he's tired and done for the day.

    The next morning, he nudges his wife and tells her to look out the window and see if the sheep look pregnant yet.

    She says no, so the farmer drags himself out of the bed, drives back into the field with the sheep, and gives all the sheep TWO humpings.

    Tired and bleeding, the farmer comes home, eats a big dinner, and wanders on to bed.

    The next morning, he ask his wife to look and see if their pregnant. She tells him no, so he loads up again and drives off. After giving each sheep THREE humpings, he is totally exhausted. He slowly loads them up and drives back to the house.

    The next morning, cramped with pain from all the humping, he again asks his wife to look out the window again.

    "Are those damn sheep pregnant yet?" he bellows

    She replies "No Honey, they don't look pregnant. But they somehow loaded themselves into the truck, and one of them is honking the horn!"


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    I'm confused. I hope there is a male sheep in the field. ;g