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She shack under constuction

  1. My wife's 58 year old son died two years ago. Her house has remained empty since he passed away. She just got around to selling it, pending paper work. There was furniture and other belongings that my wife wanted to hang on to. We can put some of it my house, but there was other stuff that I don't have room for and she is unable to part with. The solution was to build a "She Shack" where those treasures can be stored. It won't be long now! I hired two men to build the shed for me. I think it will done and painted in a few more days. Then I can hire two young men to move the furniture from her house into this shed. shedsequence-7.jpg
  2. If I told my wife that the stuff that meant something to her was going into a shed, she’d beat my ass.
  3. There is no doubt that you love your wife very much. Well done, sir.
  4. Nice going, sir.
  5. Dave wears the pants in his family :animlol:
  6. Unless your house was filled with precious furniture you simply can’t live without. Why wouldn’t you just sell the stuff you have to make room for the stuff she’s attached to?

    Certainly can’t be because it doesn’t fit the decor or style, so what’s the hang up other than it’s “hers”?
  7. 1) See post 5.
    2) We are finding room in "my" house for most of her furniture. Some of it will fit into our guest bedrooms.
    3) We have three pianos in my house. (I don't play piano.)
    4) Her last husband was a collage professor and a lot of her furniture looks like early Salvation Army.
    5) A forth piano is going with her old house that she sold to a house flipper.
    6) Some of you guys sound whossy pouped.
    7) I abhor clutter.
    8) pianoLR.jpg 9) My wife loves and respects me and much as I love her.
    10) We need room to dance.
    11) We grew up in the 50's and our relationship is different from what yours might be, but it works.
    12) I bought this house and furnished it before we married.
    13) I also forbid her adult boomerang son from from living in my house and he remained living in his mother's house until he died recently.
    14) See post 5.
    15) My wife kisses me good night every day and thanks me for making her so happy.
    16) I don't know who wore the pants in her marriage to her her late husband but see post 5.
    17) It works for us and I'm lucky to be married to her. I hope your relationship works for you.
    18) A lot of the furniture and other crap that is going into the shed is being saved for her bother, (If he wants it.)
    19) I doubt that she will every look at the things she is storing once they are stored but it makes her happy so it's okay with me.
  8. A shed is a good compromise.

    Better than renting a storage unit for $200/month.

    10 years go by and you realize you spent $24,000 to store stuff you never use.
  9. #12. You completely missed what I was saying.
  10. As much as I disagree with Dave over this, no, he didn't miss what you were saying. He plainly addressed it, just in a manner that you don't like.

    I look at it like this, I don't agree with the way Dave is managing this situation but the simple truth is, it's between him and his wife. Yeah, he's posting it here for people to comment on, which you and I are free to do, and have done, so there's that, but that doesn't change the fact that he answered you.

    My grandparents, who were married for over 60 years, had a similar arrangement. My grandfather wore the pants and they weren't equals. They chose how to be married. It sounds like Dave and his wife have done the same.

    I don't agree with their philosophy, but it's their marriage. I wish them luck.
  11. Your she shack is a micro apartment for stuff?

    It looks like you have the future hording under control.

  12. You also missed what I was saying Dale.

    But that’s ok too.
  13. Then please, clarify yourself so everyone can understand.
  14. No, I didn't. You said...

    Paraphrased as "Don't be a dork, sell some crap you don't give two ****s about and make room for her sentimental stuff!"

    To our generation, that's the logical thing to do. If I marry a woman I agree to merge lives with her, that includes her important things and my important things, together, in one home for the two of us. You probably think the same way, at least I think you do based on earlier postings.

    Then you had a significant question at the end, "Hers", which we know from previous threads, is a point of contention in the whole debate about the topic. With Dave, it is his house, his stuff, his money, her money, and so on and so on.

    Like it or not, Dave did address all of that. He said two things that sum the whole issue up and answers your questions to a tee...

    Dave wears the pants and it works for them. That's why he's not selling or trashing any of his stuff, period. He's ok with it, she's ok, so be it.

    Feel free to fling poo at your leisure, but that's it and that's that.

    As I said, I don't agree with their arrangement, but it's their arrangement.
  15. Nice.

    Now you need a man cave.

  16. I always appreciate when you miss what I’m saying and then spend hours in a vain attempt to tell me what I actually meant. Timeless DG fail.

    Please re-read the last sentence in my first post and then look at the photo he posted.
  17. Dave sounds like the kind of guy who instead of stressing out about a problem or *****ing about it, takes action and DOES something about it.

    Right on, Dave.
  18. Not sure about how the climate and critters are down where Dave lives, but around here, if you put "stuff" in an unheated outbuilding. it all picks up a funky smell and rodent tracks in a short time.
  19. Yep

  20. Since he has Racoons and ground hogs, I’m gonna say “ditto”
  21. What's with the Eiffel Tower?
  22. I already have one:
    Pistol Range.jpg
  23. I still say you need to get rid of that 70’s era blue carpet.
  24. Hours? That took about five minutes. I'm literally doing this in-between writing about psychological fragility and the ego. You should look it up...

    I've looked at his photo and I've discussed your statement. If it makes you feel better, you're right, we don't understand you. You're operating on a higher plane than us and we're humbled.

  25. I worried about that. This shed is going to be tighter than most. It will also have screened ridge vents and floor vent. I also plan to have an open container of moth balls within the shed. This will deter rodents, flying bugs, and snakes.Moth ball fumes are an insecticide that's not good for anything, including people. I will need to replenish them as they dissipate over time. I'm putting a house door on this shed with rubber seals, not a barn door. I have read that if you fill a tight shed with moth balls vapors, creatures will avoid it. This also means that the stored stuff will also smell. I don't think anyone will ever enter this shed once the door is locked.
  26. It's green. Adjust your monitor. Funny thing is that a lot of people have told me that I should replace that carpet. I don't mind it.
  27. I was thinking: smart move, put it in a shed so a "providential" fire could take care of the whole thing. I have a garage full of stuff like that. My daughter is going to get to go through it after I am gone.
  28. Despite mucho discussion on the subject. .22LR is plenty for either.
  29. Not sure why it bothers you it all. I think you are missing the fact that Dave seems to worship the ground she walks and all of her truly precious items were already moved in. Did you miss that she has 3 pianos? Do you think he is not allowed to have anything sentimental to him? Are you forgetting that this stuff was in her old house that she rarely visited?

    As far as I am concerned, a man that controls the vermin around the house has the right to control the furniture in the house.
  30. If you can put it where it belongs, I agree!
  31. It doesn't bother me at all. I wish them nothing but good health and happiness.
  32. It's a decoration that my wife picked out. It has a special meaning to us. You see, my wife came to my rescue 13 years ago when I was undergoing nasty chemotherapy. I was not convinced that I was going to survive. She had a post card that she would show me. The postcard had a photo of an older couple kissing on Point Neff in Paris. She would say, "You will recover and you and I will travel to this bridge and kiss." I did recover and we had that kiss on that bridge. We both fell in love with Paris. We have a little breakfast nook with a small cafe table and chairs, typical of a Paris cafe. We have our own little piece of Paris in our home.
  33. You strike me as a great guy Dave, I wish you and your wife lot’s of happiness together.

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  34. That is so romantic.
  35. That you are married and keep saying "my house" is creepier than when you shot a racoon in the face repeatedly and put a dollar bill beside it.
  36. I would have spent extra money and had a garage built. I never have enough garage space , and when I have an empty stall it gives me a place to buy and store another old car
  37. It her house, look at that funky blue carpet , big piano in the way, and a shed to store more of her stuff in. He may be supposedly happily married and love his wife but he is WHIPPED, and is doing himself no favors by telling us about it in detail
  38. I should provide an explanation of why we have three pianos in my house. One of the pianos was mine. It's an old antique upright player piano and I have about 150 rolls for it. It has provided a lot of entertainment and fun of the years. I keep it in the downstairs apartment/recreation room. Over the years my cancer has came out of remission several times and I had to undergo chemotherapy to drive it back into remission. I'm a sick pup during during these periods. I stay in bed for days at a time even eating in bed. My wife takes good loving care of me during these hellish periods of time. I'm overcome with gratitude when I recover and feel normal. The first time I bought her the little black electric piano. The second time I bought her the big full grand piano. She really loves the big white piano. She pays a professional piano instructor to come once per week to give her piano lessons. Her playing has improved a LOT since we got the big piano.

    I'm now on a new experimental oral drug now that does not hurt me or make me sick. I feel good. Hopefully I will never need to undergo traditional intravenous chemotherapy again.
  39. Thanks for clearing that up. I know that's what was on everyone's mind...
  40. I think one of the reasons that that our marriage works and I'm able to wear the pants is that beside the fact that we love and respect each other is that we married when we were in our seventies and have a prenup. The house is mine. We are both financially independent. We were both prodigious savers. She saved most of her life and lived a modest life style because she knew her son would never be able to hold a meaningful job. She was saving so her son would have enough to care for him the rest of his life, after she passed away. She was surprised when she outlived him. She has a great teachers pension and could get along fine without my support.

    I was just stupid lucky with money. I can't imagine finding another woman to replace her. If I outlive her, I'll get a dog.
  41. If it works for you then it’s nobody else’s business. I say get a dog you can both love while you’re both living. Animals add years to your life. I recommend a lab mix mutt.
  42. I always liked labs. They don't seem to know they are dogs. They think they are people.
  43. In reality, IT'S JUST STUFF...
    Eventually no one wants it, so unless you can store it very cheaply, why save it....
    We just moved into a new house, got rid of a lot of "Stuff" before we moved and are still thinning out.... mostly photos save some but we have double and triples of prints, and pictures that neither of have any idea who these people are. OUT WITH IT.....
  44. I had a lab/beagle mix that was one of the sweetest living things I’ve met. Get a dog. They don’t play the piano but they do eat a lot.
  45. Stop being so judgmental, guys. :upeyes:

    His generation is different, and saw no issue with the man wearing the paints:

  46. Good for you Dave. I don't see a problem with having a she shed built for her. I had one built for my wife...saved $200/month. I ended up with half of it. Sign on her side says Lynn...my side says Dog House...dual purpose...

  47. Be like Dave.
  48. That looks like a very nice space that is wired for electricity and gets used regularly.
  49. Cute structure with rain spouts and electric! It does not look like it's for storage with two doors and windows on the same side. What is it really for?!