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Sharp Force Trauma-IWB

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just finished this one for the mrs. she wanted a defensive blade to carry when she didn't have access to her pistol. this one is 8.5" overall and forged from 1095. the handle is very slim for IWB carry, so i added some decorative claw marks to the micarta for extra grip. it will ride in a wet formed IWB sheath.


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thanks, it should disappear with a good sheath.

Love the blade/handle style. 8.5" does seem to be a bit long for most women to carry. I have trouble talking my wife into carrying a 7" overall length folder...! She does prefer a smaller carry blade... must be a women thing... I guess?:dunno:

Anyway, I really like the blade, good work!
she will wear it on her person at times, but also it will be attached to the interior wall of her purse. when she wears it inside the waistband, the blade length doesn't really matter. a proper sheath and you never know it is there.

I love the blade design. Looks like a kitchen knife gone wild.

What would be the blade length on that sucker? 4" or 5"?
thanks, the cutting edge is right at 4".

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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