Severe Migranes

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    So this guy has TERRIBLE migranes. Like worse ones in the world. He's in seeing his doc and the doc has no clue.

    "Bill, I have no idea. We've run every test there is. Something's wrong but we can't figure out what."

    As he's leaving, he sees a woman in the waiting room.

    "Migranes?" she asks.


    "Ya know, when nothing else works, I go out and buy a new outfit. It doesn't make it go away, but it helps."

    "Well," the guy thinks. "What else can I do?"

    So he heads down to Chinatown to the best Hong Kong tailor in town.

    "You want suit?"

    "Yeah. Your best fabric. The works."

    "You want shirt too?"

    "Why not. Let's give it a whirl."

    So the chinese guy starts measuring him.

    "Arm - 36."

    The guy nods

    "Chest - 42."

    The guy nods again.

    "Neck. 17 1/2."

    "Seventeen and a half??? I've been a 15 1/2 all my life. There's something wrong with your tape measure."

    The tailor looks at him. "There is nothing wrong with my tape measure. Seventeen and a half."

    Teh guy is now fuming. "Absolutely not. Make the shirt 15 1/2. That's what every shirt I own is!"

    "Alright," replies the tailor. "But you're gonna have one heck of a headache."