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Several blades for sale...

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Doubleclaw, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Doubleclaw

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    Jul 19, 2003
    McKinney, TX
    Some of these are cheap, some not so cheap, but I gotta get all of them moved. No trades, please, as my bills are looming large and I gotta lay my hands on some quick cash. here's the list:

    1)Japanese-made stainless dive knife, black plastic sheath, no leg ties, needs sharpening, but otherwise in great shape. This'd make a great knife to toss in your boat or hunting truck for utility purposes, and it's CHEAP, too!-SPF

    2)CRKT M16-14ZSF OIF Certified folder, PX purchase from Balad Air Base, Iraq. No packaging(it was blister packed), lightly sharpened(can still see tool marks on the edge), otherwise new.-$30.00

    3)Chinese copy of Protech auto(looks kinda like a Godfather, but not as nice), new, no box, never sharpened. Priced to move at SOLD!

    4)Smith&Wesson HRT plainedge folder, 440 stainless, magnesium handle with blade flipper tang(VERY fast opening). Lightly used, would make a great outdoor knife,VERY sharp.-$15.00

    5)Bear Cutlery "Bear Jaws" multi tool, stainless steel, with your basic tools like blade, can opener, saw, etc. new, no box. This thing is heavy-duty as hell, and fits the hand just right.-$20.00

    6)Spec-Ops knife sheath for 6-7" blade, desert tan, new, with MOLLE loops on back.-SOLD

    7)Chinses copy of Strider fixed blade, lightly used, 550 cord wrap handle, horrible nylon sheath, but a decent blade for the price.-SOLD!

    8)Schrade multi tool, with compass, lighter/match compartment, scissors, blade, saw, whistle and a ton of other stuff. Has belt clip. New, never sharpened.-SPF

    9)Lan-Cay Product-Improved M9 bayonet, new, with sheath still wrapped in protective cellophane and cardboard, never sharpened. -$75.00

    10) Camillus CUDA CQB3, lightly used in box, with nylon sheath. Very nice knife for the price! -$60.00

    I can provide pics on request, but it will probably take a couple days, since I'm pretty much working seven days a week now.