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SERPA holster questions

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by jstephens202, May 16, 2011.

  1. jstephens202


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    Jan 15, 2011
    Mas, I have know you have a good opinion on the SERPA holster as I have read some of your articles where you mention them. I currently use one both on and off-duty for my 1911. That being said, I have recently read some articles as to problems they have had with getting dirty and not releasing as they should. Have you come across any problems with them?
    I am very picky about keeping my firearms and duty gear clean, and thus far have had no problems with my SERPA's, even during training classes where I've had to roll around in mud, dirt, sand, etc. Since I am my dept's firearms instructor, I want the example I set to our guys to be a good one and that includes using the best available stuff I can get for them.
    Thanks for all your time and help.......
  2. Mas Ayoob

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    Nov 6, 2005
    There have been three problems pointed out with the SERPA that I can recall.

    One was the holster breaking off its mount. I believe we were the first to notice that at a handgun retention course. I called it to Blackhawk's attention, as I'm sure others did. That part of the holster has long since been strengthened.

    A second was the concern with pebbles, etc. getting into the paddle release mechanism and blocking the release. I've discussed this with Chuck Buis at Blackhawk, and he assures me that the holster has long since been redesigned to remediate this.

    Finally, there is the possibility of the trigger finger being so positioned that after the release is accomplished, the finger can snap into the trigger guard too soon, before the muzzle of the emerging gun is in a safe direction. This is a training issue. KEEP THE TRIGGER FINGER FLAT, AND USE THE WHOLE FINGERPRINT TO DEPRESS THE PADDLE RELEASE, AND MAKE CONSCIOUSLY CERTAIN THAT THE FINGER DOES NOT ENTER THE TRIGGER GUARD UNTIL THE MUZZLE IS SAFELY POSITIONED. This should adequately address the third and final concern with the SERPA.

    I personally like the SERPA as currently produced. Like anything else, we have to use it the way it was meant to be used.