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SEP board down?

  1. Not getting to SEP board... is it my end or is it down ?
  2. I think it's down,DD hasn't contacted me bout it.'08.
  3. It's down. I PM'd DD when it went down. He has been trying to contact the webmaster for several days. I'm guessing he hasn't. It's been awhile since it's been 4-5 days now..
  4. Just now saw this thread. As many know, we came back up last week. Server issues on the other side of the country but it's all been resolved thankfully. SEP is back in swing and open for business :)
  5. As many now know, SEP was on a server that was hacked. SEP wasn't the target but was collateral damage. As a result, SEP has moved to a new, paid and secure hosting company and now has a brand new board.

    Yay :dancing: