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The stars aligned New Years Eve... and allowed me an opportunity to get to the range. But what to bring? I have a couple of guns that, every time I shoot them, I say I should get this out more often. The Sig 2340 is one of those guns. I decided to give it one more chance to shine in 2016 and did!!
Temperature was in the mid 30's but luckily the wind was mild. The first load up was Triton - 115g - QSHP. Now, I was also shooting for the first time with bifocals and (not for the first time) with tactical gloves. There! I got my excuses out of the way early. First shots on paper at 14 yards:

I did ditch the bifocals after not too long as I had to hold my head at a bad angle to see the front sight. Later in the session the gloves came off as I warmed up!
Now, I brought the Tritons so I could do this:

Exit wounds on pumpkin (at about 14 yards also)... The Tritons functioned perfectly - no bobbles!

The next load up was Winchester Ranger - 125g - T-series. It was a 50 round box but only partially full as I bought it in a lot of mixed ammo. I rounded the number I shot to 25 and left the stragglers in the box. This load was accurate and stout. First shots at 14 yards:

How about two shots on an 8" round at 20 yards?:

In the background you can see the popper at 28 yards and gong frame at 33 yards...
This load shot well at those ranges and further but, I imagine you want to see more pumpkin

No issues at all with the Winchester! It functioned 100% in the 2340! Next up was another load I purchased in that lot of ammo - Ultramax - 125g - FMJ (RL) - It has shot very well in all my pistols and this trip was no exception! Shots at 14 yards:

Every round fed, fired and ejected perfectly. How did it do at 53 yards? Here is a five shot group.:

Round 'n' round the steels I went with nary a miss. The bowling pin at 40 yards was the toughest challenge but I seemed to hit everything else. Here is the popper at 28 yards:

Last load for the day was Great Lakes Ammunition - 121g - FN (RL) - Shots on paper @14:

After this, I started shooting one handed - strong hand...and then one handed - weak hand as well! The ammo ran 100% with no failures through it all.

The center shot on above picture is one hand/strong hand, and then I went 2 fer 3 weak handed with those shots hitting the corner in the same place (20 yards). You can also see more of my range layout in above picture with gong at 33 yards, bowling pin about 40 yards and large steel silhouette at 53 yards. Went 10/10 at 53 yards with Great Lakes Ammo:

The one between the hanger bolts was one handed, and then one of the remaining nine was DA (shooting regular grip)while 8 were SA shots.

Anyway, a great way to end the year. The 2340 ran flawlessly through four loads (145 rounds) & shot great!
Totals for this gun:

357 Sig = 890 rounds representing 15 loads
40 S&W = 50 rounds represesnting 1 load

parting pic - two additional shots on steel at 53 yards with Ultramax for a total of seven:


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a nice day with a nice pistol...I hate to say but I have the same issue with my bi-focals...;)

currently my brother is the caretaker of the SP2340 in 357 SIG but I may just have to have him bring it on our next range outing...

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