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Senate hearing and cigarettes

  1. Did anyone else hear the overly repeated sound bite from the Senate hearing today on gun control where the opposition said (I'm paraphrasing) that "talking about gun control and not including guns would be like talking about lung cancer and not including cigarettes."

    Great analogy except that cigarettes are a not right specifically listed in the Constitution, do not require a background check, are not banned, or are not in the process of being banned. No one has tried to shorten (in comparison to magazine capacity) a cigarette, restrict where a business can sell cigarettes, or prohibit possession. All they have done is prohibit where you can smoke a cigarette...and I'm willing to bet all the geographic areas combined about where you can legally discharge a firearm is a mere fraction of where cigarette smoking is allowed.
  2. Not to mention the fact that not all lung cancer is caused by cigarettes.

  3. The analogy is perfectly logical to big government types. If you have thought of it, someone is trying to do it.

    With the New World Order, all things are possible:

    1. Proposal for prescription only cigarettes in Oregon:

    2. TV cigarette ads banned in the early 1970s.

    3. Simon Chapman of Tobacco Control suggests licensing for cigarette consumers. Aspects of the license:
    • Up to $200 government license fee
    • Maximum number of cigarettes purchased
    • Government database of smokers and their Smart Cards
    • Tourists apply for license before traveling
    • Applicants pass a knowledge test for smoking
    The Australian Chapman notes that the WorldHealth Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control has been ratifiedby 176 nations.