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Senate Bill 184

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by firedog978, Jan 26, 2008.

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    Nov 12, 2004
    The following link is from the NRA-ILA concerning Ohio SB 184 set for Committee Hearing 1/30/08. Please open and read the legislation concerning the hearing. Additional information for emailing Ohio's Senators (with a full list of Committee members) is shown on the link.
    Please take a moment to email the members and urge their support for the legislation.

    The following is a copy of the dozen or so emails I sent to Ohio Senators. Especially email the committee members please.


    It is with a great deal of concern that I write you, urging your support for SB184 (Castle Doctrine).

    It is of utmost importance that law-abiding citizens in defense of their or another innocent victims' life (within the confines of law),
    be protected from frivilous and costly civil lawsuits. God forbid that any life ever need be taken. But, in the legal use of deadly force
    by an intended victim defending his/her own life, there should never be the additional hardship of a possible civil action against said

    Ohioans have shown for four (4) years now, that they can and do carry (licensed), concealed weapons with all due responsiblity. Ohio
    is a state that can be proud of it's record thus far by it's law-abiding, licensed citizens. No state including Ohio, that has issued licenses
    to carry has experienced even the slightest regret in doing so. Now it is time for Ohio to take the next step. Pass the Castle Doctrine
    legislation. This legislation can and would protect the law-abiding licensee if he/she were to ever have to defend his/her life in a legal manner.
    Thereby preventing an additional grave concern in what would already be a life altering experience. Noone abiding by a legal means of
    self preservation should be permitted to be put through such a frivolous, inhumane and financially ruining additional experience of civil

    Please, see fit to help get this legislation through Committee. I further request that you give thought to urging all Ohio representatives
    to back this legislation with you.

    Thank you in advance for your effort.